‘37-year-old Match Queen’ Ji Eun-hee, good start for 2 consecutive wins

Already 37 years old. Among Korean players, Eunhee Ji, the eldest sister, proved herself to be a ‘veteran’ rather than a ‘veteran’ by displaying tireless steel stamina and mental strength, as well as skillful game management.

On the 25th (Korean time), the first day of the LPGA Tour Bank of Hope match play group stage held at Shadow Creek Golf Club (par 72) in Las Vegas, Nevada. Ji Eun-hee won early on the 16th hole against Matilda Castren (Finland) by three holes. It is a pleasant start toward a second consecutive championship following last year.

Ji Eun-hee, who won the tournament last year and set the record for the oldest Korean player to win (36 years and 17 days) with six wins in total, humbly said, “I didn’t feel so good today, but I was lucky.” He looked back and said, “Even if the feeling of the shot is not good, I went with the mindset of saving. I was chased, but I hit it with confidence.”

“Fortunately, the opponent didn’t seem to have a good sense, so I was able to play easily.” I made up my mind.

The key is stamina. Ji Eun-hee is still taking good care of herself to the point of doing physical training after the game. Even in match play, where he needs to play 7 matches to win, Ji Eun-hee’s stamina is not an issue.

Along with Ji Eun-hee, Shin Ji-eun also won a 3-hole victory in the ‘Korean player face-to-face match’ against Anna Lin.

Shin Ji-eun said, “Match play is a mental game,” and emphasized, “It is important to endure, and today I endured well. Winning the first game leads to confidence, so I will focus on my play in the remaining games and persevere.”

However, along with Annarin, Yoo Hae-ran, Kim Se-young, Kim A-rim, and Hong Ye-eun were all defeated, leaving a dark cloud over advancing to the round of 16.

This tournament is operated in the same way as the Korea Women’s Professional Golf (KLPGA) tour ‘Doosan Match Play Championship’.스포츠토토

A total of 64 players will participate in the league, divided into 16 groups of 4 players each. And only the first place in each group can advance to the round of 16.

If Ji Eun-hee succeeds in defending her title in this event, she will be able to ‘win for the second consecutive week on the LPGA Tour by a Korean player’ after a long time. Also, following the revival of Ko Jin-young, her eldest sister’s fighting spirit can be a good stimulus for other Korean players.

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