‘A Portuguese porter? are you kidding!’ A new director candidate. Chelsea fan group mental breakdown. ‘You’re too ordinary’

‘Portugal Porter? Are you kidding me?’

English Premier League Chelsea fans have fallen into absurdity. They seem to want the news they heard to be ‘another joke’. This is because a completely unexpected person appeared as a candidate for the team’s new manager. The problem is that this person is reminiscent of former director Graham Porter, who is regarded as the ‘worst director of all time’. Even his nickname is ‘Portugal’s Porter’.

The Daily Star, a British media, reported on the 16th (Korean time) that ‘Chelsea fans are dissatisfied with another joke when coach Huben Amouring (38), called Portugal’s porter, is mentioned as a candidate for Chelsea’s managerial position.’ Chelsea is a team that has seen the damage of choosing the wrong manager. Things got tangled from the appointment of Graham Porter, who led Brighton after the owner Todd Boelli sacked manager Thomas Tuchel in September of last year.

Porter has failed to properly lead Chelsea’s luxury corps. In the end, he was sacked last month due to poor grades. In just 6 months, the neck flew off. Since then, Chelsea has selected Frank Lampard, who is from the team’s legend, but has already failed to take charge of the team once, as interim manager. The situation did not change even in Lampard’s interim manager system. Chelsea lost consecutively to Wolverhampton and Real Madrid.

In this situation, Chelsea fans are trembling in fear when the name of the next manager candidate who will lead the team in earnest after Lampard comes out. The Inbul mentioned this time is Sporting Lisbon coach Huben Amouring. Citing the Guardian’s report, the media cited Amoring’s recent contact with the Chelsea club.

As soon as this fact became known, Chelsea fans are pouring out a furious reaction through social media. They are concerned that a young manager who is as mediocre as Porter and whose skills have not been properly tested will be able to lead the team well. One fan expressed regret, saying, “It’s better not to be a Portuguese porter.바카라사이트” Then, another fan poured out his dissatisfaction with the current interim coach Lampard, saying, ‘It is still better than Portugal’s Lampard.’

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