Axecasino and Softswiss agree new partnership

Softswiss has revealed the details of its new partnership with Axecasino.

The supplier’s Jackpot Aggregator has already been used to power Axecasino’s new ‘Axecasino Jackpot Game,’ launched to attract and retain customers while improving the performance of the casino.

On the new partnership, the Axecasino team said: “It was a great pleasure for us to work with the Softswiss Jackpot Aggregator team. At the very beginning, we discussed plans and optimal jackpot settings for our project. Later we agreed on the design and handed it over.

“Finally, when everything was ready, we wanted to make changes to the design and the team did not refuse us. Thank you for being so cooperative; working with you was a real pleasure.”

Meanwhile, Aliaskei Douhin, Head of the Softswiss Jackpot Aggregator, said: “We assist our clients in achieving their goals by getting deeply invested in the process. Our team, as a strong partner, is always there offering support at every step and helping assimilate new experiences.”

The news comes days after Softswiss also announced it had launched a new feature for its casino platform, called Team Tournaments, which will allow players to engage in player-against-player competitions.

Team Tournaments will create up to 10 teams in the casino and each team can have a certain number of players.

Softswiss Casino Platform Product Owner, Anna Loiko, said of the launch: “Based on the results of the tournament’s functionality research, we can conclude that Team Tournaments will be demanded among operators and players.”

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