Carrot, who was lethargic, was it aimed at zero this time?

Will there be a hole in Goyang Carrot, who lost in the first game? If Carrot’s zero aim is not achieved even in the second game, Anyang KGC will be one step closer to advancing to the championship match for the 5th consecutive season.

▶Anyang KGC (37 wins, 17 losses, 1st place) vs Goyang Carrot (28 wins, 26 losses, 5th place) April

15th (Sat) 2pm, Anyang Gymnasium SPOTV / SPOTV ON
– Attempted 50 3-point shots in Carrot Game 1 , Highest PO record
-KGC, out of 4 home wins in a row against Carot, including regular league
-All 28 teams that won semifinals 1st and 2nd round advanced to the championship match

Result of regular league matchup: KGC 4-2, advantage

1R: KGC 73-62 CAROT
2R: KGC 86-79 CAROT
3R: KGC 84-82 CAROT
4R: 85-65 KGC
6R: 101-72 KGC KGC

Semifinal Playoff Result
Round 1: KGC 99-43 CAROT

4 The first leg of the river was one of the best playoff games in KBL history. If it had been a close match, expectations for the series would have increased, but unfortunately, the difference in performance between the two teams was too great. KGC overcame the baseline by recording the most points in history (56 points) and the least points allowed in the playoffs (43 points).

It was a humiliating battle for Carrot. Even considering that the game was run in preparation for the second game after the flow was over, 43 points was a record that had a great impact on morale. The rebound fight was also 26-51 inferior.

Carrot attempted 13 two-pointers, while throwing as many as 50 of his three-pointers. This is the record for most points in a playoff game. With Cho Han-jin attempting 10 3-point shots, the entire team seemed to be actively throwing 3-point shots in preparation for the second game, trying to find a sense of the shot. However, there were often unreasonable shooting attempts, and the 3-point shooting success rate was only 14% (7/50).

Carrot is a team that has put archery and basketball on the front since the regular season. Once it exploded, it displayed uncontrollable firepower, overturned the evaluation and rose to the semifinals. However, if the three-point shot, which is the biggest strength, is quiet again, there is no clear card to face the luxurious KGC. Can Carrot, who has added an internally turbulent atmosphere, fight a fight that promises at least the 4th game?

Meanwhile, KGC is cruising toward advancing to the championship match for the third consecutive season, which has only occurred four times since its inception. Ulsan Hyundai Mobis wrote it twice, including Busan Kia days, and Jeonju KCC (twice) and Wonju DB (1 time) also set a record.

The 28 teams that won both the first and second rounds of the semifinals advanced to the championship match without exception.안전놀이터 If they win by the second game, KGC will go on an expedition to Goyang with a 100% chance. On the other hand, there was no precedent for the 5th place in the regular league to reach the championship match. Although they have only played 1 game, the current, such as power and team atmosphere, is heading towards KGC in many ways.

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