Choi Joon-yong, who dreams of becoming a ‘basketball king’, joins KCC… Heo Woong, Song Gyo-chang and Han Bae

Choi Jun-yong of professional basketball SK joined KCC and became a teammate with Heo Woong.

The two were roommates at Yonsei University.

[Choi Jun-yong/Jeonju KCC: Heo Woong-hyung (winner) didn’t have any rings, so I came to give him a ring.] As

Heo Woong, Choi Jun-yong, and Song Gyo-chang gathered as a team, KCC quickly emerged as a candidate for the championship.메이저사이트

Choi Jun-yong, who wants to become a ‘basketball king’ rather than a ‘salary king’, says that his dream is to advance to the United States after winning the team.

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