Chuncheon Sports Club Jo Seo-hyeok and Lee Jae-wang signed a contract with FC Seoul Youth Team

Chuncheon Sports Club’s soccer prospects signed a contract with the prestigious K-League FC Seoul youth team.

Jo Seo-hyeok (6th year of Bongui Elementary School) and Lee Jae-wang (6th year of Buan Elementary School) from Chuncheon Sports Club signed a contract with the FC Seoul youth team on the 23rd and decided to go to Osan Middle School, a youth club affiliated with FC Seoul, next year. FC Seoul watched their matches several times, and it is known that the head of FC Seoul Youth Enhancement Office Cha Du-ri made the final decision on their recruitment.

Jo Seo-hyeok, who started playing soccer in the second grade of elementary school, is in charge of central midfield. Hwang Joo-ik, head coach of Chuncheon Sports Club, commented on Jo Seo-hyeok, “He has excellent individual breakthrough ability because of his speed and reaction speed.” “He can shoot with both feet. He is the best scorer on our team.” He is also said to be excellent at penetrating space and passing ability.

Central defender Lee Jae-wang is in very good physical condition. Although he is an elementary school student, he is already 174 cm tall.토토사이트 He has great speed despite his height, and his passing skills are excellent. Coach Hwang Joo-ik said, “He is also good at interpersonal defense. He has a wide field of vision and good kicks, so he is also good at long passes that spread to the side.”

Chuncheon Sports Club, which founded a professional athlete team in November 2021, despite its short history, is producing players who go to the professional club youth team every year. The Chuncheon Sports Club, which recruits and operates players from various schools, is expected to discover many promising players in the future.

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