Coach Kim Eun-joong, who lost in the semi-finals, “I want to applaud the players who poured out 100%”

“I want to applaud the players who poured out 100%”

FIFA Under 20 (U-20) World Cup finals for the second consecutive time The captured Korean national team coach Kim Eun-joong encouraged the players who did their best.

The Korean U-20 national team, led by coach Kim Eun-joong, played a fierce game against Italy in the U-20 World Cup semifinals held at La Plata Stadium in Argentina on the 9th (Korean time), but lost 1-2.

As a result, the dream of advancing to the finals for the second time in a row, following the 2019 competition where they were runners-up, was dashed. However, the achievement of advancing to the semifinals in two consecutive FIFA-sponsored competitions for the first time in Korean football history deserves high praise.

Manager Kim Eun-joong said in an interview after the game, “I led the game well as I prepared, but it seems that the result was disappointing as I did not score at the chance.”

He continued, “Towards the second half, our players’ concentration and stamina were superior, so we created a good opportunity.”

However, coach Kim Eun-joong soon poured out his gratitude to the players. He encouraged the players, saying, “The players devoted themselves to the team more than anyone else and gave more than 100%.”

“The players must have been very upset because they participated in the competition without high expectations, but they did not express themselves and came this far with only one goal,” he said. .

Manager Kim Eun-joong said, “We worked together for about a year and seven months, and the players brought out potential that even they themselves did not know.” Everyone has grown one step at a time,” he praised the players again.

In addition, he added, “These players have not been able to get many opportunities, but after this tournament, I hope that they will take advantage of the atmosphere and seize many opportunities even if they go to their team.”먹튀검증

Although he lost in the quarterfinals, Kim Eun-joong will play the 3rd and 4th place match against Israel at 2:30 am on the 12th. In the history of Korean men’s soccer, there has never been a win in a 3rd or 4th place match in a FIFA-sponsored competition. Victory is necessary to reap the beauty of the competition.

Coach Kim Eun-joong said, “The players will be mentally very difficult, but since the 3rd and 4th place matches are the last games for our U-20 team, we will recover well so that we can finish well.”

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