Kang So-hui smiled wide after a long time at the warm heart of the senior of ‘Pat Pattak’.

GS Caltex So-hui Kang, who has been unable to play due to a recent shoulder injury, had a short but enjoyable time with commentator Han Yu-mi, whom she met before the game.

On the 15th at Suwon Indoor Gymnasium, the 3rd round match between Hyundai Engineering & Construction and GS Caltex, which had to break a losing streak, was held at the Suwon Indoor Gymnasium.

6 pm. As the away team GS Caltex players arrived at the stadium, commentator Han Yu-mi headed to the court after a preliminary interview with both team coaches. She said the reason she was looking for her coat was to see her junior Kang So-hui, whom she was usually close to.

On the 8th, ahead of the game against Hyundai E&C, senior Han Yu-mi silently stroked the junior’s shoulder when she met Kang So-hui, who missed two games in a row due to a shoulder injury. Commentator Han Yu-mi, who joined Hyundai Engineering & Construction in 1999 and has been on the court for 20 years, knows better than anyone else the feelings of a player who cannot play due to an injury.

Han Yu-mi, who had a conversation with Kang So-hui, gave her warm heart by hugging her before leaving. 메이저놀이터 As if it was nice to see a senior I met on the court after a long time, Kang So-hwi also kneaded commentator Han Yu-mi’s arm and acted aegyo.

Kang So-hui, who missed this day due to a shoulder injury, watched the game in the warm-up zone and cheered his teammates with a louder voice than anyone else. GS Caltex fell into a three-game losing streak after losing the set score 3-1. Kang So-hui, who wanted to play more than anyone else, but was caught in an injury, left the stadium with a sad expression.

On the other hand, when I asked commentator Han Yu-mi after the game about the situation with Kang So-hui, she explained the situation at the time, saying, “It was not a big deal. So-hui is a junior who is usually close to me. We had a light conversation about her physical condition.”

It was a scene where we could get a glimpse of the warm heart of a senior who warmly hugged a junior who was suffering from an injury.