‘Could it be Lotte Gum PPL?’ 12 teeth were broken… The nucleus of Lotte’s bullpen, he wins when he blows bubble gum

Sajik Stadium in Busan on the 19th. A distribution battle between the new rival SSG Landers and the Lotte Giants. In the top of the 8th inning, 2 out, 1st and 3rd base. Veteran Choo Shin-soo, who came as a pinch hitter, scored an RBI and a timely hit. Kim Sang-soo ran to the mound to beat SSG, who even sent out a tie runner and chased 4-2.

When the pitcher was changed to Kim Sang-soo, SSG pitched Kim Seong-hyun as a pinch hitter. Two balls became balls. Unfavorable ball count in a stressful situation with two runners. However, Kim Sang-soo confidently threw the ball towards himself on the third pitch and pulled out Kim Seong-hyun’s swing. The 4th pitch was also a changeup that pierced toward the body, and Kim Seong-hyun’s bat returned, but the ball that floated without power could not escape the first baseman.

Kim Sang-soo’s fist and bubblegum, which came in behind Kim Seong-hyun, who regretted it, are the prelude to Lotte’s victory this season. Kim Sang-soo, wearing a Lotte uniform, is recording an average ERA of 1.76 with 3 wins, 1 save and 6 holds in 21 games. He has become an indispensable key presence in the Lotte bullpen.

Kim Sang-soo suffered a major injury in 2021 when he was a member of SSG. He had an accident that severely damaged his teeth, which is not a common injury for pitchers. He crashed into exercise equipment while doing weight training drills and broke 12 of his teeth. Through surgery and treatment, Kim Sang-soo returned to the ground, but he could no longer show his former self. The handicap of not eating well accelerated the rate of decline in Kim Sang-soo’s skills.

Hold Wang, who played in 67 games in 2019 while belonging to Kiwoom and set the record for the most holds in a single season with an ERA of 3.02 and ’40 holds’, only played 8 games in 2022 and was notified of release from SSG near the end of the season.

Around the time he was seriously contemplating his retirement, many seniors gave Kim Sang-soo advice. When I regained my mind, saying, ‘Let’s do it for just one more year,’ Lotte reached out his hand. This decision became the best choice for both Kim Sang-soo and the Lotte front desk. After finishing his mission at the match, Sang-soo Kim comes down the mound while blowing bubble gum at his leisure. It symbolizes the rejuvenation of a 35-year-old veteran.카지노사이트

On the 19th, when 19,000 Lotte fans gathered, Lotte won 7-5 in the new rivalry match at Sajak Stadium in Busan and regained first place. On the 20th, 22,990 seats in Gyeonggi Province were sold out early. Kim Sang-soo has now become an indispensable presence for Lotte fans who yearn for a ‘top day’ beyond spring. The performance of veterans always impresses.

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