“Curry’s energy was amazing!” Lee Seung-jun, who went to the NBA intuition, solves the ‘sseol’

Former national team coach Lee Seung-jun (45), who was the best dunker in KBL, came to see ‘NBA Champion’ Stephen Curry (35, Golden State Warriors) in person.

Coach Lee Seung-jun and former commentator Woo Ji-won traveled to San Francisco for a week last February at the invitation of the San Francisco Tourism Board. Seungjun Lee and his party toured San Francisco’s tourist attractions such as Fisherman’s Wharf, Golden Gate Bridge, Twin Peaks, and Lombard Street.

The most memorable travel destination was, of course, the NBA Intuition. Coach Lee Seung-jun watched the regular season game between the Golden State Warriors and the Dallas Mavericks at the Chase Center on February 5th. With Luka Doncic absent, Curry scored 21 points and Golden State won 119-113.

Coach Lee Seung-jun and member Woo Ji-won attended the ‘San Francisco Tourism Organization VIP Event’ held at the rooftop bar of the Rise Hotel in Hongdae on the 12th. I was able to hear vivid San Francisco travel stories on the spot. 

Lee Seung-jun said, “I’ve been to San Francisco as a player, but it’s my first time touring. He went to an NBA arena and he could do whatever the fans wanted. There are a lot of shopping spaces, and the burgers were really good. It gave fans unforgettable memories for the rest of their lives.”

Seeing the ‘God of Shooting’ Curry in person was a memory that will last a lifetime. Lee Seung-jun said, “I wanted to see how Curry warmed up in practice. When he saw Curry, which he had only seen on YouTube videos, in person, he could see that he was preparing for the game with great pleasure. When the game started, he was seen playing with great concentration and enjoyment. The energy was tremendous,” he admired.

Commissioner Woo Ji-won, who saw the NBA for the first time, was more shocked. Curry’s play came as a further shock to Commissioner Woo Ji-won, who was the best shooter during his active career. He said, “Actually, it was my first time going to the NBA, but I was overwhelmed by the atmosphere of the Chase Center. The enormous size of the electric signboard was impressive. Even during dance time, American fans enjoying the camera went wild. It was nice to see such a culture of enjoyment. I wish there was a gym with this kind of atmosphere and facilities in Korea.”

Coach Lee Seung-jun and Woo Ji-won, a member of the committee, have enjoyed all the sights of San Francisco, such as riding a bike on the Golden Gate Bridge and riding a cable car on Powell Street. Coach Lee said, “San Francisco is a paradise, especially for sports lovers. There are bike and walking trails. There are also many sports teams such as basketball, baseball, and American football. I would like to recommend it to people who like sports.”

Commissioner Woo Ji-won also agreed. “San Francisco is a sports mecca. The view of the Giants stadium was also very nice. It was an eco-friendly city, so the view was good and the food was delicious. It seems like a modern and chic city, but it is free. It is a city I would definitely recommend. Even a week was not enough time,” he said, choosing San Francisco as a tourist destination he wants to visit again.ㅋㅋㅋ벳

The VIP event hosted by announcer Park Ji-hye was attended by Jo Dlessandro, San Francisco Tourism Board Director, Kevin Booman, CCO of San Francisco International Airport, Anna Marie Presti, General Manager of Hornel Nikko, Sheila Shin, CXO of San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, and Park Beom-joon, director of United Airlines Korea. lit up

Domestic influencers also attended. In particular, influencer Kwon Hyeok-joo was chosen as the first prize winner in the prize draw and became the lucky protagonist to receive air tickets to San Francisco and hotel accommodation vouchers as gifts. /

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