Daegu High School stole the green phoenix again…’MVP’ Yang Hyeon-jong stands out as a candidate for top nomination next year

Daegu High School embraced the green phoenix.

In a game held at Mokdong Baseball Stadium on September 9, Daegu High School won the championship by defeating Segwang High School 3-2 with Yun Chan’s walk-off squeeze bunt in the 10th inning of overtime. In particular, Daegu High School trailed for three hours, tied the game in the 9th inning, and showed off their ability to come back in the 10th inning.

Daegu High School has a deep connection with Bonghwangdaegi. He also won the Phoenix title five years ago. Shin Ji-hoo (Hanwha), Ko Seung-min (Lotte), and Byun Woo-hyuk (KIA) faced Bukil High School in the finals, where they were students, and thanks to the good pitching of Lee Seung-min (Samsung) and the performance of Seo Sang-ho (Sungkyunkwan University), they defeated Bukil High School and won the championship.

At that time, Daegu High School was at its peak, winning the President’s Cup and the Phoenix Cup in succession and finishing as runner-up in the Golden Lion Cup. That was when coach Son Kyung-ho was at his peak since he took office at his alma mater, Daegu High School. At that time, pitchers who had advanced to the professional ranks, such as Han Yeon-wook (Samsung), Lee Seung-min (Samsung), and Yeo Do-geon (KT), led Daegu High School’s rapid progress.

And in 2019, he took off brilliantly by winning the President’s Cup for the second time in a row, but he has not won a championship since then. The best result was finishing second in the Golden Lion two years ago.

And since 2018, Daegu High School has soared spectacularly, winning the Phoenix title again for the first time in five years. In this tournament, Daegu High School’s Bae Chan-seung was absent due to the youth national team, but there was no major blow. There was the right-handed duo Shin Gyeong-min and Hong Yu-won, who threw fastballs up to 148 km/h, and Kim Min-hoon, who led the team in the finals with good ball control and won the excellent pitcher award. Shin Kyung-min and Hong Yu-won are pitchers who are likely to be selected in the current rookie draft. In addition, first baseman Park Woo-yeol is also a heavy hitter that many teams are paying attention to. He is also likely to be selected in this draft. In addition, Son Woo-hyun and Jin Hyeon-je also challenged the draft.

Meanwhile, the player who shone the most in this competition was sophomore Yang Hyun-jong.

Yang Hyun-jong was selected as the best player in this tournament, recording 10 hits in 20 at-bats, .500, and 17 RBIs. Yang Hyun-jong is an infielder with excellent offensive ability, but also good defense. Above all, he is comfortable catching and throwing the ball and is soft, so he is a player who has already been the target of many scouts since his second year.온라인카지노

He only stood out in this competition, but this means that he is already a player who is being discussed as a potential draft choice for next season. Next season, there are many particularly good infielders, outfielders, and catchers from prestigious high schools such as Deoksu High School, Yusin High School, Busan High School, Jeonju High School, and Baemyung High School. However, with Yang Hyun-jong highlighted, next year’s fielding competition is expected to become even more competitive.

And although he did not participate in this tournament, Bae Chan-seung, who made a strong impression by pitching against Japan last time and throwing a fastball of up to 148km, is also evaluated as a 1R candidate, so we can expect Daegu High School to be even stronger next season.

Daegu High School achieved its final victory in the last tournament in 2023, laying the foundation for its return to being a powerhouse in high school baseball next season. In addition, this year, Gyeongbuk High School won the prestigious high school competition and the Blue Dragon Cup, and Daegu High School won the Phoenix Cup, and Daegu Sangwon High School also entered several quarterfinals, solidifying Daegu as the strongest region among all regions in 2023.

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