Derek Jeter declares SD seller “If New York Y recruited Soto”?

Will the New York Yankees, who are aiming for a wild card amidst various bad news, fill the gap left by the injury of Aaron Judge (31) by recruiting Juan Soto (25)? The Soto trade was mentioned.

On the 13th (Korean time),, the official homepage of Major League Baseball, announced that ‘legend’ Derek Jeter wants Soto to transfer to the New York Yankees.

This is the hope that the New York Yankees will fill the void in the jersey by signing Soto. Of course, this requires a seller declaration from San Diego.

San Diego is in 4th place in the National League West with a 43-47 win rate of 0.478 in the first half. 8.5 games behind the first place LA Dodgers.

In addition, they are six games behind the San Francisco Giants, third in the wild card. It is slowly getting away from advancing to the postseason.

Accordingly, it is not without the possibility that San Diego declares a seller despite huge payroll spending. You can bring in a promising player and aim for a team reorganization.

The New York Yankees are expected to be able to achieve a significant increase in their meager offense, which ranks 19th in team scoring and 21st in OPS, if they acquire Soto.

But the price for Soto will be very high. Because Soto is not a half-year rental. After the 2024 season he becomes a free agent.오래된 토토사이트

Also, his performance has declined since his time with the Washington Nationals, but he is still highly valued. Significant bleeding is expected.

Soto recorded a batting average of 0.265, 15 home runs, 47 RBIs, 51 points, 82 hits, and an on-base percentage of 0.419 OPS of 0.898 in 90 games in the first half.

Attention is focusing on whether Soto will fill the void left by Judge’s injury, as Jeter, who led the New York Yankees’ heyday in the late 1990s, hoped.

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