The Los Angeles Dodgers have finally released Trevor Bauer, 32, who is facing sexual assault allegations. Bauer’s side immediately issued a statement and responded that it was regrettable with the club’s decision.

The Dodgers said on the 7th (Korean time), “The LA Dodgers team fully agreed with the domestic violence, sexual assault, and child abuse prevention regulations and faithfully participated in the investigation by the Secretariat.” , and he is no longer part of our team.”

The Dodgers acquired Bauer for three years and $102 million ahead of the 2021 season, but let him go after only using him for half a season. 29 major league teams can take Bauer, whose DFA has been announced, for only $720,000 메이저놀이터 (approximately 900 million won), the league’s lowest annual salary. However, it is not expected that it will be easy for Bauer, who has acquired the image of a bad boy with his troublemakers, to be selected by other clubs.

If there is no nomination by another team, Bauer will go down to the minor leagues, but the Dodgers are not accepting that and are planning to release him completely. It was only a procedural issue, but in fact the breakup between the Dodgers and Bauer became a reality.

Bauer, who was in his prime after receiving the National League Cy Young Award in 2020, joined the Dodgers in the 2021 season with great expectations. Since then, he has performed outstandingly, posting excellent results of 107.2 innings in 17 games, 8 wins, 5 losses, 137 strikeouts, and an average ERA of 2.59.

However, in June 2021, allegations of violence against a woman during sexual intercourse with a woman were raised, and the Major League Secretariat included him on the list of restricted players and issued an administrative leave.

Bauer has consistently maintained his innocence since the incident surfaced, and in February of last year, LA County prosecutors also dismissed two charges of assault. However, in April of last year, the secretariat imposed a 324-game suspension, claiming that two additional women were harmed.

After Bauer’s appeal, which claimed unfairness, it was eased to 194 games last month, but the Dodgers’ choice was to be released.

Bauer also expressed regret at the Dodgers in a statement immediately after the transfer nomination. Bauer expressed regret for the Dodgers, saying, “I am disappointed with the club’s decision, and have not been able to communicate with the club during the administrative leave process, mediation, and appeal process.”

At the same time, Bauer said, “Agents talked with the Dodgers leadership for two weeks after the mediation process. At the time, the Dodgers’ leadership said, ‘I hope you will come back this year and throw the ball’.” I wish all the players good luck and hope to meet and compete on the same stage again.”