“Ha-sung Kim, ML’s most underrated player… Numbers don’t lie”

“Ha-seong Kim is the most underrated player in the Major League (ML). The time has come for people to pay attention to him.”안전사이트

The evaluation of Kim Ha-seong (29), who leads the super team San Diego with a total annual salary of 246.5 million dollars (approximately 323.3 billion won), is getting higher and higher in the US.

American media The Big Reed said on the 6th (Korean time), “In a team (San Diego) full of big stars, the small middle infielder (Kim Ha-seong) has become the most indispensable player. Now it’s time to talk about Kim Ha-seong.” Kim Ha-seong’s performance in the season was intensively illuminated.

This season, Kim Ha-seong has been playing an outstanding role in the offense and defense even though he moved his position to second base with the addition of large free agent shortstop Xander Bogarts. He has a .254 batting average, 10 homers, 31 RBIs, 42 points, 15 stolen bases, and an OPS of 0.752 in 83 games as of the end of the 6th game. Following last year, it seems to be steadily growing as a main infielder. Compared to when he was recruited, it is clear that his performance exceeded expectations.

The Big Reed said, “When San Diego recruited Ha-seong Kim from the KBO League in December 2020, this contract did not have a great impact. Adding a low-cost, four-year contract didn’t seem like a big deal, so it’s not crazy to call Ha-Sung Kim the most underrated player in the majors two seasons after that.”

Kim Ha-seong introduced his performances in the final three of the National League Gold Glove, one after the other, with the opportunity created by the ups and downs of the first year and the punishment of Fernando Tatis Jr. last year, becoming the starting shortstop. At the same time, mentioning that Ha-seong Kim’s wRC+ (adjusted scoring production capacity) this season has far exceeded the league average (wRC+ 100) from +70 in 2021 to +111 in 2022, “It is improving even gradually, and after Ha-seong Kim moved to second base, I will not hesitate to say that he has become the best defender.”

The media’s assurances are not lies. In fact, it is also revealed in numbers. Ha-seong Kim’s DRS (Defensive Run Save, a defensive indicator that shows how many runs are blocked) +16 is the first overall in all major league leagues and positions. Thanks to the league average attack power and the best defense, it is tied with Tatis Jr. and Mookie Betts at 3.8 in WAR (contribution to victory over substitute players) based on Baseball Reference, the American baseball statistics media.

Teammate Tatis Jr. signed with San Diego in 2021 for 14 years and $340 million (approximately 445.9 billion won), and Betts, former American League MVP in 2018, with the Los Angeles Dodgers in 2020 for 12 years and $365 million (approximately 478.7 billion won). I have signed a huge contract. Together with such players, he is tied for 5th place in the WAR Major League.

The Big Reed said, “According to bWAR calculations, Kim Ha-seong is the fifth most valuable player in baseball. He is tied with Tatis Jr. and Betts, ahead of National League Rookie of the Year candidate Corbin Carroll (Arizona) and National League batting champion candidate Luis Araez.” “That’s how well he’s done. Versatile defenders who can play anywhere in the infield in an environment without a shift provide tremendous value to the team. And this is what Ha-seong Kim continues to show,” he praised.

After the season, it was predicted that Kim Ha-seong would also win the Platinum Glove, which is awarded only to one person who is the best defensive player in each position in both major leagues. The Big Reed said, “Ha-seong Kim played mainly second base this season, but also played shortstop and third base. He showed phenomenal defense wherever San Diego coach Bob Melvin put him. There is no doubt that Ha-seong Kim is currently a National League Platinum Glove winner. no,” he said.

He continued, “Even in fWAR (WAR based on fan graph), which does not place much importance on defense, he is 11th in the National League with 2.8, and is a top 15 player. ‘s ignition button and he produced timely runs and defense and huge hits throughout the season.”

Kim Ha-seong highly valued the value of the classic stats being recorded. Ha-seong Kim is not the best home run hitter on the team, nor the player with the highest batting average and OPS, but his contribution is ahead of any other player. The Big Reed said, “If you just look at the calculated stats, you can ignore Ha-Sung Kim’s influence. But the numbers from the value calculations don’t lie. He’s a very important player, and his contributions have been overlooked by many, so he’s had such an outstanding season. I couldn’t go to the All-Star Game even though I had it. That was definitely a mistake,” he pointed out.

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