Honestly, I was surprised. I have nothing to teach you.” Appearance of a complete rookie → thumbs up of a changeup master

A morning star appeared on the Samsung Lions mound. It is Lee Ho-seong, a rookie who aims to enter the opening entry by reducing the process by two steps.

It is a topic of conversation among Samsung fans with a sense of stability that is not like a rookie. Although he is a young player, he has all the qualities necessary to survive on the professional first team stage. The maximum speed of 148km fastball that comes out of the ideal pitching form is not easy to attack because of its high rotation rate. Throws a slider and changeup on his main weapon curve.

The biggest advantage is stable control. During 3 innings in 2 games, 9 out of 10 batters he met were hit. Only Hwang Jae-gyun’s solo home run was on base. The ability to strike out is also outstanding. Out of 9 outs, 6 outs, 2/3 of them, are strikeouts.

Pitch and diversity that can be used on the first team stage right now. Every time I saw it, I caught the attention of Samsung Director Park Jin-man with an amazing performance.

Prior to the Daegu KT game on the 19th, coach Park said, “I was originally planning to call up around May, but I think it could be a little earlier.” Explained.

What director Park pays attention to is the duality of being calm when calm and bold when bold. An unusual look that is hard to see from a high school rookie.

Manager Park Jin-man said, “It seems that he is well prepared to throw his ball without shaking even after hitting a home run by the first batter. It was embarrassing, but he calmly handled it well. But he is aggressive when he is aggressive. He is timid on the mound. He is a pitcher who throws his own ball even when he is hit. He looks forward to the future.”

Native ace Won Tae-in, who returned from the WBC national team, was also surprised.

“When I was with the national team, I saw bullpen pitching on video, and to be honest, I was a bit surprised. He seems to be a pitcher to look forward to.”

Won Tae-in and Lee Ho-seong, who had never met face-to-face due to camp differences. We first communicated through the media.

When Lee Ho-seong said, “I want to learn Won Tae-in’s changeup,” Won Tae-in replied, “I saw a bullpen pitching video and he threw a good ball. Throw comfortably.”

Won Tae-in, who was thinking of returning from the national team and passing on the changeup. He couldn’t help but hesitate.

What surprised Wontaein?

“After joining the team, I saw him yesterday and he throws a better ball than me. I haven’t taught him the changeup yet, but he already throws a good changeup.”

Balance, control, and variety of pitches that are close to the finished form. I am very careful about adding and subtracting something.

“I already have the ball,안전놀이터 so I don’t know what else to say. Really. I’m throwing it with such good balance right now, so I don’t have anything to say, and if I say something that doesn’t improve, I’m worried about that too.”

A super rookie who is creating a quiet stir inside and outside the team. How far will it evolve? What will the end of this season look like? It is a newcomer who is giving Samsung fans a great excitement just by imagining it.

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