‘I want to use all the players’ Klinsman… Hwang Eui-jo, Song Min-gyu, and Kwon Chang-hoon are also on standby.

Players who did not perform well in the last World Cup in Qatar are also waiting for an opportunity to play in order to please coach Jurgen Klinsmann.

The Korean men’s national soccer team, led by coach Klinsman, will have its second friendly match in March against Uruguay at the Seoul World Cup Stadium at 8:00 pm on the 28th. On the 25th, Klinsmann’s debut match against Colombia was a 2-2 draw.

Coach Klinsman inherited most of Paulo Bento’s football because he had a short preparation time from his first call to the game. The call list was also almost the same. The only change was that Hwang Hee-chan was excluded due to injury, and Oh Hyun-kyu and Lee Ki-je were newly selected from the reserve list at the time of the Qatar World Cup. The Colombia game was also packed with a starting lineup that did not deviate from the expected range. Heung-Min Son, Min-Jae Kim, and Jae-Sung Lee took the center stage, and players such as Kyu-Sung Cho and In-Beom Hwang, who had grown significantly in the Bentoho system, were selected.

What coach Klinsman wants to achieve through these two evaluation matches is not biased toward results. He has stated several times in previous press conferences that he wants to observe as many players as possible. Klinsmann’s final destination is the World Cup in North and Central America to be held in 2026, and he is just in the process of making a team.

That’s why there is a possibility of experimenting with players who have not stepped on the ground yet through the game against Uruguay. Aside from Baek Seung-ho, who suffered a hamstring injury, Hwang Ui-jo, Song Min-gyu, Kwon Chang-hoon, Jo Yu-min, Kwon Kyung-won, Kim Moon-hwan, and Seol Young-woo (replaced) were among the field players who did not receive playing time.

It is said that Kwon Kyung-won and Kim Moon-hwan did not play due to physical condition problems during the game against Colombia.메이저놀이터 It is also of interest whether Hwang Eui-jo, Song Min-gyu, and Kwon Chang-hoon, who did not show a significant performance in Qatar, will participate. If coach Klinsmann saw the potential of these players during training, there is a possibility of experimenting with this opportunity. 

In particular, Hwang Eui-jo’s determination is extraordinary. He was a regular striker for the national team for a long time, but his condition deteriorated around the World Cup in Qatar. In Klinsmann, you have to improve your competitiveness to survive. The venue of the match is the Seoul World Cup Stadium, which Hwang Eui-jo is using as his home stadium. If the opportunity comes, you will definitely want to grab it.

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