‘I will leave after the season’…Mallorca fans, ‘La Liga Best 11 again’ Lee Kang-in is nice to see but bittersweet

The praise for Lee Kang-in continues.

Lee Kang-in’s recent performance is amazing. He showed crazy performance, including 9 successful dribbles against Celta, and swept the best eleven in various Spanish La Liga. He scored multiple goals against Getafe. It was the moment when a Korean player scored the first multi-goal in La Liga. In the 11th minute of the second half when the score was trailing 0-1, he calmly pushed the second ball and scored the equalizer.

He scored a key goal while he had already succeeded in reversing. In the second half of extra time, he grabbed the ball from below the half line and ran up and scored a key goal while calmly finishing a one-on-one chance. Spain’s ‘Mallorca Daily Volentin’ evaluated, “Lee Kang-in dribbled like Usain Bolt from about 80 meters away from the goal and scored a goal after beating the goalkeeper of Getafe. There will never be a spectacular ending like this.”

This time, they were all listed in the Best Eleven of each media. All of the best eleven selected by Spain’s ‘Marca’, soccer statistics media ‘Whoscored.com’ and ‘Sofa Score’ had Lee Kang-in. Mallorca’s official SNS called Lee Kang-in “KING” and La Liga’s official SNS called him “the architect of victory” and highlighted Lee Kang-in’s brilliant game record. He was even named the Official Man Of Match for the match.

Spain’s ‘As’ said, “Lee Kang-in was worried about the future in the transfer market this winter. He wanted to leave, but Mallorca refused. If the transfer fails in this way, the player may be sluggish, but Lee Kang-in is having a splendid 2023. Run, dribble, and help “I’m committed and making a difference in Mallorca by putting up, scoring and defending.”스포츠토토

“Mallorca Islander fans are waiting for Lee Kang-in every day. They are probably very afraid that this season could be Lee Kang-in’s last season playing for Mallorca. His performance against Getafe this time raised his value further. Along with Vedat Muriki, Antonio Raiyo, Dani Rodriguez and Abdon Prats, Mallorca fans love Kang-in Lee the most,” he praised Lee Kang-in.

Finally, he said, “Now, Lee Kang-in’s future seems to be far away from Mallorca. Still, thanks to Lee Kang-in, Mallorca fans are enjoying the present with the thought that they can play next season in La Liga.”

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