If only the team can do well”… Take off your soccer shoes and start anew, ‘Scouter’ Kim Gwang-seok 

 I took off my soccer boots that I had worn for almost half of my life. Lifestyle has also completely changed. Kim Gwang-seok (40), who stood at the starting line of his life as a scout, exclaimed, “If only the team can do well.”

Incheon United announced on the 16th that they had recruited Kim Kwang-seok as a club scout. Kim Kwang-seok joined the Pohang Steelers in 2002 and stepped on the professional stage in 2003. In the 2021 season, he hit the ground wearing an Incheon uniform. Having stepped on the pitch for 21 years until last year, he scored 11 goals and 5 assists in 451 K-League matches. He is a ‘living witness’ of the K-League.

Then he took off his soccer boots. After he wrapped up his playing career, he thought of taking a break, but he pondered for a while at the unexpected offer. Kim Gwang-seok, who contacted this magazine on the 28th, said, “The scout offer came in December of last year. At first, I wanted to take a break while traveling with my family for about a year, probably because I had been playing for over 20 years.” .

He has no regrets in his career. Kim Gwang-seok said, “I hope I can kick the ball until I’m 40. If I retire in my mid-30s, I think I will have regrets and regrets, but I am not like that now. ‘It’s over now. Kicking a ball until the age of 40, I thought I succeeded.” He felt relieved, and on the other hand, he also thought that his age could not be helped.”

everything is first Kim Gwang-seok, who was on his way to watch the college finals while on the phone with this magazine, said, “I think I know the fatigue of office workers. First of all, commuting to and from work itself is not easy,” he said with a laugh.

I am gradually adapting. Scouts need to identify multiple players and identify the needs of agents, clubs, and managers. Kim Kwang-seok said, “He needs to know what kind of player he likes, and it is important to find and discover players who fit him. He is talking to several people, and there are some difficult parts,” he said honestly.

The importance of communication is great. Kim Kwang-seok said, “Since I retired not long ago, coach Cho Sung-hwan seems to think that he is more comfortable in communicating with the players. He gives advice and talks about the things he has to carry on as a senior. It seems that the director wants those parts as well,메이저놀이터” he explained about the work being done.

This is the start. It is a step to take a step. Kim Gwang-seok pledged, “It is important that I do well so that the club can go to a higher place, that the team does well, and that good players come in later.”

Kim Kwang-seok’s retirement ceremony will be held on the 22nd of next month at a home game against Suwon FC.

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