If this continues, it will be difficult for Na Seong-beom and Choi Won-joon to join… KIA needs a new breakthrough 

This is already the second five-game losing streak.

The KIA Tigers are hardly rebounding. The win-loss margin, which started at +2 last week, has retreated to -3 amid five consecutive losses. The ride in the middle-ranking group is still not large, but there are also concerns in that it is not free from the range of pursuit in the lower group.안전놀이터

KIA suffered the first 5 consecutive losses of the season from Gwangju Hanwha on April 13 to Busan Lotte on April 18. It was the result of repeated struggles as the batting average of the scoring line hit the bottom. KIA, which ended its losing streak by winning against Busan Lotte on April 19, has since won 8 wins (2 losses) in 10 games. I also made a good flow, such as 3 wins in a row and 5 wins in a row.

KIA, who won 10-2 at Gwangju Lotte on the 3rd, seemed to be on a winning streak again by winning 3-0 at Gwangju SSG, where they rested for 5 days due to rain and rest days overlapping across the country. However, from the SSG game on the 10th to the Jamsil Doosan game on the 14th, they suffered 5 consecutive losses.

The second 5 consecutive losses, similar to the sluggish early season. The sluggishness of the lineup, who did not know how to explode in scoring range, was painful. It is clear that the batting cycle, which began to revive little by little from the end of April, has faded after a 5-day break.

The appearance of the KIA team, which has been running for a month, seems to be losing strength little by little. This is noticeable for players whose bats have been sluggish since the beginning of the season. Hwang Dae-in’s batting average is only 2.51 (19 hits in 90 at-bats) in 27 games, and Park Chan-ho’s batting average is 2.5 3 (25 hits in 99 at-bats) in 31 games. Lee Chang-jin, who seemed to be picking up his pace in mid-April, was also unable to keep up his senses, and his batting average fell to 2.37 (22 hits in 93 at-bats). Han Seung-taek, the number 1 catcher, has a batting average of only 10.36 (8 hits in 59 bats), and Socrates Brito (batting average of 2.73), which should be a source of strength, only has two homers in 31 games. there is. The team’s slugging percentage, which was 0.393 at the same time last year, fell to 0.334.

KIA suffered similar problems at the beginning of last year, but it endured with so-called’snow baseball’, which picks out walks based on the pioneering plan. However, this season, compared to the same period last year, walks (120 → 107) decreased and strikeouts (221 → 240) increased, revealing the sluggishness in batting.

The problem is that there are no players to replace them. Kim Ho-ryeong (107 900 Ri), Byeon Woo-hyuk (106 09 Lee) and Kim Gyu-seong (106 07 Lee), who are classified as backup resources, are also unable to maintain a steady pace. There is no so-called ‘bombing’ player in the Futures (2nd team), so there is no player to act as a substitute in the 1st team.

KIA is expected to gain great strength in the air defense when Na Seong-beom returns from injury in June and Choi Won-joon, who is completing his military service, joins. However, considering the sluggishness of the KIA lineup that has continued for over a month, a question mark is attached to whether the joining of the two players will lead to a dramatic rebound. If this problem with the batting line is prolonged, the aftermath can reach the mound, which is a bigger concern. It is difficult to accept as a temporary phenomenon that abnormal signals are being detected little by little throughout the selection and bullpen on the KIA mound this month.

With the recent inauguration of the new general manager Shim Jae-hak, KIA is also expected to start changing. The part that gets the most attention is, of course, trade. Overall, it is not a favorable game for KIA, so bleeding is inevitable, but you can’t just let go. If you miss the point where the gap has not widened significantly, you may be in an irreversible situation. “In the meantime, I’ve seen a lot of KIA’s strengths and weaknesses outside. Since I’m the general manager in the middle of the season, it’s urgent for me to quickly infiltrate and find out what’s lacking,” the key is what decision Shim makes.

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