‘Indiscriminate shift – free baseball – unclear player’s use’… Hanwha’s dissatisfaction with Sube, Choi Won-ho declared a change

baseball to win. It is a goal that all 10 professional baseball teams are aiming for, but it is a more special expression for the Hanwha Eagles. This was the reason why Hanwha said goodbye to manager Carlos Subero.

Bringing in a ‘training expert’ and professed rebuilding, but after two years in a row and this season also stayed at the bottom, the club took out a knife. It was an expression of his will not to miss both rabbits.

A press conference on the appointment of new head coach Choi Won-ho. The parts that were problematic in the coaching system of Subero were mentioned one by one. In a way, it was read as a way for the new command tower and a part where the club was dissatisfied with Subero.

Incheon SSG Landers Field on the 12th. Prior to the match against SSG Landers, head coach Choi Won-ho had his first official schedule as his coach through a press conference.

Fans were outraged. As a club, it was only natural to expect good results from a manager who brought a lot of money. There were quite a few fans demanding the resignation of coach Subero, but it was difficult to accept this kind of separation. Hanwha has won 5 of the last 6 games. The timing was a bit ambiguous to let him go because of poor grades. In addition, the voices of the fans were that they were passing the responsibility on to the manager without a voice of self-examination within the club for the successive failures in farming foreign players.카지노사이트

Through Choi Won-ho’s mouth, we were able to get more hints about the resignation of coach Subero. The representative reasons were ‘unbeatable baseball, unclear use of Seungjo Pil and players, indiscriminate shift, and neglectful manner’.

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