Is it a joke of fate… 8 consecutive wins in 13 years Lotte Han Hyun-hee meets the best Ahn Woo-jin. Confrontation between seniors and juniors who were disciplined for COVID-19

8 consecutive wins. Now I have to overcome An Woo-jin.

The Lotte Giants’ 8-game winning streak was delayed by a day due to rain. The match between Kiwoom Heroes and Lotte Giants scheduled to be held on the 29th at Sajik Stadium in Busan was canceled due to rain. On this day, after twists and turns, the FA contract was drawn with attention as the starting match between the two pitchers. Kiwoom was Jeong Chan-heon’s first start, and Lotte was supposed to have Han Hyun-hee, who transferred from Kiwoom.

Both played together at Kiwoom last season and applied for free agency side by side. Han Hyun-hee was in A grade, and Jung Chan-heon was in B grade and needed a compensation player when transferring to another team.

The two were not popular in the free agent market. In the meantime, Han Hyun-hee transferred to Lotte. He signed a contract with Lotte for a total of 4 billion won for 3 + 1 years. Even though there was talk of signing and trading, Kiwoom embraced Jung Chan-heon, who was driven to the crisis of losing his child because he had nowhere to go. On March 27, at the end of the demonstration game, he signed a two-year contract for a total of 860 million won.

Han Hyeon-hee has been steadily pitching as Lotte’s fifth starter, and Jung Chan-heon, who signed a late contract, has been training individually, but made his body in the second group. Han Hyun-hee is recording an average ERA of 7.56 with 2 wins and 2 losses in 4 games. Jeong Chan-heon made two appearances in the Futures League, recording 3 hits and 1 run in 5 innings and preparing for the first team appearance.

Fans were very interested in the match because Lotte’s 8th consecutive win depended on the confrontation between the two. Lotte’s last 8 wins were from LG on June 12, 2010 to Hanwha on June 12 (including 1 draw). It is to challenge for 8 consecutive wins in 13 years.

But heaven didn’t allow it. It rained from dawn, calmed down in the morning, and then fell heavily again in the afternoon. In the end, it was decided to cancel the game with 1 hour and 30 minutes left.

Lotte predicted Han Hyun-hee in the game on the 30th, but Kiwoom changed the selection. It was the day Ace An Woo-jin threw it, so there was no need to skip it. It changed to a confrontation between Han Hyun-hee and Ahn Woo-jin. Unfortunately, Han Hyun-hee and Ahn Woo-jin were disciplined for violating the quarantine rules in 2021.카지노사이트

Lotte, who has won 7 consecutive wins in 11 years, is looking at 11 consecutive wins, the most ever. In 2008, when he was coach Jerry Royster, he had 11 consecutive wins, but there has been no double-digit winning streak since.

On the way to 8 consecutive wins, I met the best right-handed pitcher in the KBO League. An Woo-jin, who recorded 15 wins and 8 losses, an average ERA of 2.11, and 224 strikeouts last year, won two gold medals in average ERA and strikeouts, and won the Golden Glove. He ranks first in strikeouts and second in earned run average. Ahn Woo-jin, who pitched against Lotte for the first time this season, had an average ERA of 1.89 with 1 win and 1 loss in 3 games against Lotte last year.

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