‘Is that Kim Ha-seong?’ A certification procession even with statues that don’t look alike at all… ‘Awesome Kim’ popularity continues in Mexico

The popularity of “Awesome Kim” Ha-seong Kim (28), who is receiving explosive support from San Diego Padres fans, continues in Mexico. San Diego fans joined the procession to certify the Kim Ha-sung statue.

San Diego will have a major league match against the San Francisco Giants on April 30 and May 1 (Korean time) at Estadio Alfredo Half Helu (opened in 2019, accommodating 20,000 people) in Mexico City, Mexico.

It is his first visit to Mexico in five years since May 2018 and his first entry into Mexico City. At that time, San Diego played three consecutive matches against the Los Angeles Dodgers in Monterrey, Mexico, winning a 2-1 winning series. Kim Ha-seong, who is likely to start as a starting second baseman, announced on his SNS that afternoon that he had arrived in Mexico City with the team.

Kim Ha-seong is expected to go to the stadium and meet a stranger himself. According to Sports Kida, an American media, Mexico City displayed statues of San Diego players such as Ha-seong Kim, Juan Soto, and Trent Grisham in front of Estadio Alfredo Half Helu to commemorate the major league game.

However, the appearance is rather subtle. Sportskidda shared a certified photo of a fan in Mexico on social media, saying, “Soto is one of the most well-known baseball players in this series. It makes sense to use his likeness to attract fans, but unfortunately they don’t. I don’t think Soto’s face was used anywhere in the creative process.” He added, “Thankfully to Soto, this work was not alone. Nearby, I saw statues of Kim Ha-sung and Grisham that were similarly made.”

The statue of Kim Ha-seong in the photo has an unfamiliar appearance that is completely unrecognizable unless the name is written below. However, San Diego fans were happy to post proof photos. A passage that shows his rising position.메이저사이트

Ha-seong Kim, who entered the major leagues in the 2021 season, was active as the main shortstop last year and received enthusiastic support from San Diego fans. His superficial performance was mediocre, but he hit a home run or a timely hit at the crucial moment. He also stole the hearts of fans with his brilliant defense and aggressive baserunning, and San Diego fans gave him the nickname ‘Awesome Kim’, which means amazing. Last year, San Diego clubhouse leader Manny Machado confirmed Ha-sung Kim’s popularity by saying, “Ha-sung Kim is the core of our team. He makes our hearts beat. Everyone loves him.”

Ha-seong Kim is ready to charm Mexican fans through three consecutive matches during the week against the Chicago Cubs. Kim Ha-seong, who was sluggish with one hit in the previous seven games, warmed up the bat with a batting average of 0.400 (4 hits in 10 at-bats), 3 steals and 2 runs in 3 consecutive matches with the Cubs, along with good defense.

The starting pitcher to face has already been revealed. On the 30th, Joe Musgrove (San Diego) and Sean Manea (San Francisco) will face off, and on the 1st, Darvish Yu (San Diego) and Alex Cobb (San Francisco) will face each other.

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