Italy? brazil? Who will win the VNL? 

The victory faced after a long and long journey is sweeter than anything else. Which team will be able to laugh after fierce competition?토토사이트

The 2023 International Volleyball Federation (FIVB) Volleyball Nations League (VNL) curtain rises. The match between Germany and the Netherlands will kick off on the 30th (Korean time). VNL has a long journey scheduled from May 30th to July 17th. For about two months, they travel to various countries to play games.

A total of 16 teams participate with their own goals. In a long journey, which team will have the last laugh? We looked at the teams that are considered favorites to win.

1. Serbia
The first favorite to win is Serbia. He is the protagonist of last year’s bronze medal. To them, the value of the bronze medal was more than that. This is because the rising stars, not the main guns, were in the game. Serbia’s leading star, Tijana Voskovic, did not appear. However, she won the bronze medal thanks to the fearless play of the rookies.

At the center were apposite striker Ana Bielica, outside hitter Sarah Rojo, and center Maya Alexic. Sarah Rojo showed her presence by averaging 12 points per game. He is not tall at 186 cm, but his swing speed is fast. In the center, Maya Alexic held out. He ranked 3rd overall in blocking and used his fast attack as his main weapon. He also showed his strength in blocking at the 2019 VNL, and made his presence known in the last tournament.

Serbia has many changes from the previous tournament. This time, Tijana Voskovic and Maya Ognenovic were named in the 30-man reserve list for the national team. Their presence alone is enough of a threat to opponents. However, he was excluded from the list for the first week. In place of the veterans, Sarah Rojo and Ana Bielica, who were the main players of the bronze medal, and middle blocker Maya Alexic will announce the sortie.

In addition to the composition of the players, there is also a change in the command tower. Italian coach Daniele Santarelli, who had been with the Serbian national team at its peak in 2022, went and coach Giovanni Guidetti came. Guidetti, who took over the new leadership, boasted of great achievements by directing the Turkiye women’s national team for six years. At that time, Turkiye received the report card of the 2018 VNL runner-up, the 2019 European Championship runner-up, and the 2020 Tokyo Olympics quarterfinals with Guidetti. It is noteworthy what kind of results Guidetti will produce after joining Serbia.

Serbia is at the top of the world rankings, number one. 3rd place at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, 3rd place at the 2022 VNL, and winning the 2022 FIVB World Championships, he consistently achieved results in international competitions. This 2023 VNL also aims for the highest place.

2. Italy
The defending champion, Italy, is also a favorite. Italy, led by coach Davide Mazanti since 2017, also boasts a strong lineup of players. Paola Egonu, a world-class apologist, was named to the national team roster. He recently presented the championship to his team, Vakif Bank, in the 2023 European Volleyball Confederation (CEV) Champions League final. At that time, Egonu scored 40 points, and personally climbed to the top of the Champions League for the third time.

There is a corner to believe in Egonura, but it is still unknown whether he will participate or when he will join. However, in Italy, another card, strong prospect born in 2003, Apogee Ekaterina Antropova, was included in the national team. His strong point is the powerful attack that comes from his 202cm tall height. He played a big role in Sabino del Bene Scandic, Italy this season, winning the 2023 European Volleyball Federation Cup.

Italy, which lifted the trophy last year, also looks to the top. Setter Alessia Oro, outside hitter Miriam Silar, Catarina Bossetti, Apogit Egonu, middle blocker Anna Danesi, Marina Rubian, Cristina Kirikela, and Libero Monica Den Gennaro will reunite. .

It is strong because there is no big change from the last competition. Can Italy, which is also called the top league level, win the top spot for the second year in a row in this competition?

3. Brazil
2022 Brazil, who placed second in the VNL, is once again challenging for the top spot. Like Serbia at the time, it is a valuable result obtained by active young players rather than veteran players. Kishi Nacimento, born in 2000, who was active as the main apogee, is a typical example. He ranked 12th in overall scoring and established himself as the next-generation ace with an average of about 10 points per game. He is attractive as a left-handed striker with an RBI coming from 191cm. Along with Kishi, Julia Bergman also made her name known. The 22-year-old outside hitter complied with the position’s fateful reception. He is also a powerful and well-balanced player in attack.

In addition to them, Ana Cristina from Fenerbahce is also highly anticipated. This season, Fenerbahce played an active part as a main outside hitter and accompanied the team to the championship.

But this time things are different. Brazil became the oldest team in the VNL. Based on the preliminary list of 16 teams, the average age is 27.5 years old, the most. Many veteran players returned. Starting with middle blocker Taissa Menezes, born in 1987, a total of eight players are over 30 years old, including setters Fernanda Macris, Silva Roberta Hatsuke, and outside hitter Priscilla Darroit.

If rookies have ambition, veterans have experience. As the average age has risen, many experienced players have been herded. Athletes who won the silver medal at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics side by side, such as outside heater Gabi and middle blocker Karol, will also participate in the competition.

Brazil, which stands out for its new structure, won silver medals at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and 2022 VNL silver medals, so gold medals are more eagerly approaching.

4. USA
The USA, which is evaluated as the most harmonious in karate, is ranked 4th in the world ranking. There was also good news in the United States. Jordan Larson, who was selected as the MVP of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, has returned to the national team. His retirement was expected after the Olympics, when he took up a coaching position at the University of Texas. However, on May 4, Larson announced the news of his return to the national team through personal social media.

The career of the U.S. national team is also brilliant. He won silver at London 2012, bronze at Rio 2016 and finally gold at Tokyo 2020. Coincidentally, Larsson was the team captain in all three Olympics, and he managed to win medals in all three games. In addition to the Olympics, the VNL also reveals its strengths. He won the championship in both 2018 and 2019.

There is one unfortunate part. Jordan Poulter, who was selected as the main setter and best setter for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, is unable to join due to a knee injury. On December 3 last year, he suffered a left knee injury during a match between his teams, Novara and Perugia. He will focus on recovery and will return in 2024. It is regrettable that the top-notch power lineup is leaving, but Lauren Carlini, Mika Hancock, and Jenna Gray are expected to fill the vacancy.

The United States is trying to regain the top spot of VNL that was taken away with Larson’s return. In the absence of the main setter, it is time for experienced veterans to take the lead.

In addition, attention is drawn to Turkiye, which is newly conducted by Santarelli. In particular, this is the first tournament in which Melissa Vargas, who has been very active in the Turkish League, will appear as a Turkish national representative. Cuban-born Vargas naturalized in Turkey two years ago and joined the Turkish national team this year. It is also noteworthy that Turkiye, who did not achieve satisfactory results in international competitions.

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