‘It’s not even the opposing team’… Naples-Rome, a group brawl at a highway rest stop on the expedition road

Fans of Napoli and AS Roma, who were heading to different stadiums, met by chance at a highway rest area and staged a group brawl.

Italian media Lai News reported on the 8th (local time), ‘A group brawl between Napoli fans and AS Roma fans unfolded at a rest stop on the A1 highway connecting Rome and Milan. Traffic was severely paralyzed, and a congestion section of about 15 km occurred.” It was also noted that ‘Napoli and AS Roma fans brawled and hooded fans armed with sticks threw objects and set off firecrackers’.

Fans of Kim Min-jae’s team, Napoli, were on their way to Genoa for the 2022-23 Serie A round 17 away match against Sampdoria 안전놀이터 on the 8th. AS Roma fans were on their way to Milan for the Serie A away match against AC Milan on the 8th. Fans of both teams scuffled at a rest stop on the A1 highway connecting Rome and Milan while moving side by side to northern Italy.

The resting place where fans of Napoli and AS Roma staged a brawl is also the place where a death occurred due to a clash between soccer fans in 2007. Lazio fans and Juventus fans had a group brawl at the rest area in 2007, and at the time, a Lazio fan was killed by a gun fired by a police officer who was stopping the clash.

Meanwhile, Napoli, which is at the top of Serie A this season, won 1-0 in an away match in the 11th round of Serie A in the 2022-23 season against AS Roma held in October last year. The two teams will meet again in Naples on the 29th.

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