Jeonnam, gift of school supplies to local elementary school students in commemoration of ‘Family Month’ in May

Jeonnam Dragons delivered school supplies to local elementary school children for ‘Jeollanam-do where children are happy’.

To celebrate the month of family in May, Jeonnam visited four local elementary schools (Gwangyang Jungmacho, Seonghwangcho, Gwangyang Baekuncho, and Gwangyang Jecheol Elementary School) on the 17th. Athletes such as Choi Hee-won, Yoo Ji-ha, Yeo Seung-won, and Choo Sang-hoon attended the visit, and they delivered school supplies, signed autographs, and had photo time with the children.

Yeo Seung-won, who participated in the visit to a local elementary school for the first time, said, “Meeting the children I met at the stadium in person at school seems to have received new and good energy. As a Jeonnam Dragons player, I feel more responsible and will do my best to repay the children’s support. He expressed his impressions of the visit.메이저놀이터

For Jeollanam-do, where children are happy, many events are held for children, such as stadium tours and player escorts, as well as school supplies and gifts.

Jeonnam will face Anyang in the 14th round of the K-League 2, which will be held at Anyang Sports Complex on the 20th at 6:30 pm. After reorganization, Jeonnam is preparing for the match against Anyang with the goal of winning.

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