“Jung Ji-seok? I am also a national representative.” A 26-year-old ambitious man boarded Korean Air… He said ‘a sense of mission’ 

“The main sport of the Philippines is, of course, basketball. Isn’t this moment a turning point for volleyball? Because the icon of Philippine men’s volleyball will play in Korea.”

I was full of ambition. Mark Espeho (26, Korean Air), the man who heated up the Asian Quarter Draft scene the most, showed pride and a “sense of mission”.

The 2023 V-League Men’s Asian Quarter Draft was held at the Jeju Sun Hotel on the 27th. The first place was Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance, and the second place was Korea Electric Power Corporation.

However, it was Korean Air that made the biggest impact on the day. Libero Iga Ryohei (Japan), who was picked as a candidate, was previously selected by KEPCO. Director Tommy Tillikainen chose Espejo against everyone’s expectations. Names other than Eddie (Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance), Lee Ga, Bayar Saihan (Mongolia, OK Financial Group), and Chai Pei-chang (Taiwan, Hyundai Capital), who were selected as the ‘Big 4’ at the scene, were called in the third place.

Espejo, who was interviewed, said with a broad smile, “I was so nervous that my heart was about to burst. It was beating so fast.” He then clenched his fists, saying, “I didn’t expect to be selected for the defending champion team. It’s really an honor.”

Espeho’s position has to compete with outside heater, ‘Seok-seok duo’ Jung Ji-seok and Kwak Seung-seok, who discuss the best in Korea. However, Espeho smiled confidently, saying, “I am also a Philippine national team member.”

“We will do our best to compete and help each other. I remember playing against Jeong Ji-seok in the U-23 national team before.크크크벳

As he is an English-speaking player, he has no problem communicating with coach Tilly Kainen. He knew each other during his time in the Japanese league, but they said they hadn’t talked at all ahead of the draft. He said, “I will also learn Korean for the team,” burning his motivation.

He cited receiving as one of his strengths. Espeho emphasized, “Attack and blocking are all similar. I want to show a different part in receiving.”

The moment his name was called, he remembered the face of his agent. After praising, “I am here thanks to him,” he added, “I think of my family, friends, and my fans. Everyone will be really happy.” I don’t know MJ Phillips (Pepper Savings Bank).

When asked, “Do you like the Korean Air logo or uniform?”

When people think of the Philippines, they often think of basketball. Espejo also nodded, saying, “Basketball is the main sport, women’s volleyball is the second.” He also started out playing basketball, but switched to volleyball after injuring his left hand. But he was ambitious.

“Today will be a turning point. I am the icon of men’s volleyball in the Philippines. And I will become a tool that leads the development (of men’s volleyball in the Philippines). I always like to take on challenges. I will show that there are people who are good at volleyball in the Philippines.”

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