Klopp’s slyness “Champions frustrated? Tuesday and Wednesday matches have only been moved to Thursday”

The veteran’s face was revealed without regret.

Manager Jurgen Klopp pretended to be nonchalant about his team Liverpool’s failure to secure a ticket to the first UEFA Champions League since he took over. His protest was that he would continue to participate in UEFA club competitions.스포츠토토

Manchester United scored relay goals from Casemiro, Anthony Martial, Bruno Fernandez and Marcus Rashford in the 2022/23 Premier League home match against Chelsea at Old Trafford, Manchester, England on the 26th to beat the visiting team 4-1. it was smashed

Manchester United, who scored 72 points with the victory that day, not only moved up one notch to third place, but also widened the gap with Liverpool (66 points) in 5th place to 6 points. Liverpool also widened the gap with 4th place Newcastle (70 points) by 4 points. It meant that even if they beat the final game of the Premier League season on the 29th, they would miss the Champions League ticket for the next season, which is given up to 4th place.

Klopp took over at Liverpool during the 2015/16 season. Since the 2016/17 season, which he directed full-time, he has put Liverpool in the UEFA Champions League without missing a single one, but this season, he had no choice but to digest the UEFA Europa League as he failed to secure a place in the top 4.

Liverpool appear to be in a gloomy mood after Manchester United’s win over Chelsea, with Liverpool’s flagship striker Mohamed Salah apologizing to fans for missing out on the Champions League.

However, Klopp controlled the atmosphere at the conference room with his interview skills that became more proficient this season.

Liverpool will play their final match of the season on the 28th with an away match against Southampton, who have already been confirmed to be relegated.

At a pre-press conference held on the 26th, when asked about his failure to secure Champions League tickets, Klopp said, “It’s just that the European night has changed from Tuesday, Wednesday to Thursday, but who cares?” That’s all. From a football point of view, the European night is still there.”

It means that what will be different except for the Europa League held on Thursday night instead of the Champions League held on Tuesday and Wednesday, coach Klopp is not unaware of the damage to the club’s income caused by the absence of the Champions League, so he did not turn a blind eye to this fact.

In other words, he deftly passed the criticism against himself. He also raised expectations for the upcoming season to fans, saying, “Even 10 games ago, the Europa League was difficult. I couldn’t play the games before 10 games, but the points in the last 10 games (8 wins, 2 draws) are fine.”

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