‘L.Lot.Gi’ box office success twins… ‘2.8 million breakthrough’ KBO spectators increased by 33% compared to last year

 Because ‘L Lot Ki’ is good, professional baseball box office explodes. The baseball field spectators are heating up as much as the hot summer weather.

As of the 4th, the total number of spectators in the KBO League exceeded 2.8 million. This is a 33% increase compared to the same period last year. LG Twins, Lotte Giants, and KIA Tigers are leading the crowd.

The LG Twins are constantly fighting for the lead with SSG Landers, and the Lotte Giants, who were teased for being ‘springtime’, are not lagging behind in the ‘Top 3’ competition until June. In addition, the KIA Tigers are also holding out in the middle with a rebound in May.

As much as it shows a rising trend, when Elotgi meets, it leads to explosive box office success. Held in Jamsil from May 30th to June 1st, ‘Elot Lasico’ exceeded 20,000 spectators for three days in a row even though it was a weekday. Based on LG home games, it has been 5 years since June 2018. It is the result of the rivalry between LG and Lotte and the Lotte Giants’ trademark ‘momentum’ this season.

In addition, a total of more than 65,000 baseball fans including Lotte and KIA sold out on the weekend (22,990 seats) visited the site and enjoyed baseball in season. The average number of spectators in Lotte’s six games this week exceeded 20,000. Sajik also recorded the most sales (5 times) this season.

Sajik Stadium is famous as the ‘grave of away fans’. This is because they are overwhelmed by the atmosphere of the Busan seagulls represented by ‘ma!’ However, the KIA fan spirit was different. All three days, the third base expedition cheering seats were filled to the brim and an equal cheering match was held.

KIA does not sell out at home this year, but it is leading the box office hit by driving away fans wherever it goes. Last April, Incheon with SSG Landers and Jamsil series with LG Twins were sold out one after another, and this resignation series is the same. Not only Kia Champions Field in Gwangju, but also KIA fans are proud of their tremendous power in mobilizing away spectators.

Lee Jin-woo (39), who visited Sajik Stadium in a Yang Hyeon-jong uniform on the 4th, said, “I came with a couple of Knowing Brothers who are Lotte fans. We are looking for each other’s home games every year.” I hit well and feel good. I watched comfortably.” Lee Hyeon-joo (21), a female college student, said, “Thank you for throwing Lee Eui-ri so well today. My stomach was completely relieved,” and laughed, saying, “I like Yun Yeong-chul the most these days. He has a pretty smile.”

Fans’ enthusiasm also reached the hearts of the KIA players. On this day, with Lee Eui-ri’s 5 scoreless innings, KIA overcame the pain of the end defeat the previous day (3rd) and succeeded in a 6-0 revenge match. KIA has been able to finish the week in a good mood while continuing the rebound momentum of last May.메이저사이트

There has never been a single time in history that ‘Ellotgi’ has advanced to fall baseball at the same time. LG, the most popular team in the metropolitan area, and Lotte and KIA, representing Yeonghonam. These three teams are heading into the postseason side by side this season. There are also signs of an unprecedented success at the box office.

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