Lee Kang-in, a big success in his family’s team… Local media “Valencia is wrong”

Could there be a more perfect revenge play? Lee Kang-in made Valencia cry with his fifth help this season. Locals even said, “Valencia is wrong.”먹튀검증

< Mallorca 1:0 Valencia | Primera Liga > The

one who scored the winning goal was Lee Kang-in.

Lee Kang-in quickly dug into the space and passed a pass that hit Muriki’s head exactly.

Season 5 help made with my left foot.

The team I played with for 10 years couldn’t stop it even though I knew it.

[Ruben Baraha/Valencia coach (Press conference before the match): Be careful of Lee Kang-in, who has talent, goal-making ability, and the last pass. It is one of Mallorca’s threats.]

In fact, there is another aspect of Lee Kang-in that Valencia could not tie.

The moment two defenders are surrounded, Lee Kang-in does not lose the ball even if he overcomes the pressure leisurely and three or four stick to him.

The dribble with a 100% probability of success in all 4 attempts is Lee Kang-in’s biggest advantage this season, and even if he expands to the top 5 European leagues, he is ranked first than Messi.

After the game, Lee Kang-in, who received a lot of encouragement from his teammates, was named the sixth best player this season, and Mallorca, who confirmed his stay in the league, praised him as “a magician from Korea.”

[Lee Kang-in / Mallorca: (Valencia) When he arrived at the airport, he felt as if he had returned home.]

Coincidentally, Valencia, who joined at the age of 10 and spent many years together, was in danger of relegation and had to hear the bitter criticism of the local media, saying, “It proved that it was wrong to send Lee Kang-in.”

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