Let’s cover the nation’s strongest amateur! Tale Made Mid-Amateur Championship held

TaylorMade covers the best amateurs in Korea.

TaylorMade announced on the 4th that it will hold the 3rd TaylorMade Mid-Amateur Championship, which will be held after five preliminary rounds. Lim Heon-young, head of TaylorMade Korea, said, “To raise the standard of amateur golf in Korea, we hold the Mid-Amateur Championship to find the best amateurs. I hope it will be a good opportunity to check and develop my skills in a friendly competition.”

The first preliminary round, which accepts applications for participation from the 4th to the 26th, will be held at Seongmunan CC in Gangwon-do on June 12th. 240 people can participate, but 58 people are selected. The second qualifying round will be held on July 4 at Seorabeol GC in North Gyeongsang Province. 92 people participated and 16 people were selected, and the application for participation is from May 29th to June 19th.

In the 3rd qualifying round to be held on August 21st at Baekje CC in Chungcheongnam-do, 92 players will participate and 16 will advance to the finals. Applications for participation are from July 17th to August 11th. The 4th round will be held on September 18 at Shangri-La CC in Jeonbuk, and 16 out of 92 pass. Applications are from August 14th to September 8th. The final 5th qualifying round will be held at Jeju Elysian CC on September 25th. 10 out of 40 participants are selected. You can apply to participate from September 11th to the 20th.

Preliminary contestants are pure amateur golfers aged 25 years or older with a handicap of 18 or less and must use at least 10 TaylorMade clubs with a ball, hat and gloves. The main line must use 14 balls, gloves, and hats.

In the preliminaries, 1st place will receive a TaylorMade iron set, 2nd place will receive a Stealth 2 driver, 3rd place will receive a Stealth 2 fairway wood, 4th place will receive a Stealth 2 Rescue, and 5th place will receive a TaylorMade stand bag. All participants will be given 1 dozen TaylorMade balls, gloves, hats, and putters as prizes. In addition, TaylorMade products (excluding some items) are provided with a 25% discount coupon.온라인카지노

The winner of the finals will be presented with a championship trophy and 10 million won in support for improving their performance, and given the privilege of participating in the 2024 Korea Mid-Amateur Championships. In addition, up to 3rd place, a full set (14 pieces) for the 2024 TaylorMade tour and an initial tour bag are provided, as well as 2024 amateur team TaylorMade qualification and a discount coupon for two tickets per month. In addition, hats, balls, and gloves are provided twice a month.

TaylorMade Stealth 2 driver for 4th place, Stealth 2 fairway wood for 5th place, Stealth 2 Rescue for 6th place, and TaylorMade Boston bag for 7th to 10th place respectively. The 4th to 10th places in the finals will receive two caps, balls, and gloves per month in 2024.

Meanwhile, the finals are scheduled to be held at the end of October, and detailed information about future schedules and competitions will be released on the TaylorMade official website.

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