Lotte’s new hit product ‘Dongnae Lager’ captivates fans

Lotte Giants has been selling draft beer ‘Dongrae Lager’ since the opening day in April.

‘Dongnae Lager’ was born from the combination of ‘Dongrae’, the old name of Busan, and ‘Lager’, a beer aged at low temperatures for a certain period of time.

‘Dongrae Lager’ introduces a ‘walk-in cooling system’ that directly extracts draft beer stored in a refrigerator at a temperature close to freezing, providing customers with draft beer at a cool temperature, and a quick turnover using 8 baseball bat-shaped draft beer taps. boast

The store was designed in conjunction with M.O.C, an architectural firm representing Busan, and is characterized by reinterpreting Korean beauty from a modern perspective. It is located at the entrance to the cheering seat of the first base infield field on the 2nd and 3rd floors of Sajik Stadium.

The club plans to carry out various activities such as planning summer promotions and collaboration products in stores in the future.메이저사이트

Meanwhile, Lotte is continuing its efforts to meet the food demand of visitors by opening new businesses such as Chicken Tuck K, Giant’s Lunchbox, Straight Fried Chicken, and BHC Chicken in the stadium this season.

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