Man City’s travel to win the PL is a reality… Confidence Fast Charge

Can Manchester City become the eighth main character in European football history? Top midfielder Bernardo Silva replied “yes”.

Man City have risen to the top of the 2022-23 English Premier League. 3 league titles in a row Based on the last 10 seasons, it has done a whopping 6 times (2013-14, 2017-18, 2018-19, 2020-21, 2021-22, 2022-23).

Although Arsenal was overwhelmingly in first place until the middle of the season, Man City gathered points with goal scorer Jelling Haaland and scored 88 points by winning 1-0 against Chelsea on the 22nd.

It was a determined victory. On the 2nd, Arsenal sat down and confirmed the win as they lost 0-1 to 16th placed Nottingham Forest in an empty space.

What remains now are the FA Cup and the European Football Federation Champions League (UCL). The FA Cup is contested by Manchester United for the title. The FA Cup has been held once by United and once by Manchester City in the last 10 seasons.

It seems that Silva is also getting greedy. “What Manchester City have done over the past few seasons has been incredible,” he told the BBC.

The FA Cup is difficult to predict because it is the Manchester derby. The two matches this season were also 1 win and 1 loss. Manchester City won 6-3 last October, thanks to Haaland’s hat-trick. In January this year, Manchester United laughed 2-1.

On the other hand, UCL is evaluated that Man City’s firepower is relatively better compared to Inter Milan. Public expectations are also leaning toward Manchester City winning.

He replied, “I will prepare for the next step so as not to be overwhelmed by winning the league. I will only think about the FA Cup and UCL finals while having a good time with the fans. I want to win in all games.

In Europe, only seven teams have been able to win the first division, the highest cup competition (mainly the FA Cup), and the UCL treble (three crowns). If you limit it to the 5 leagues, Manchester United achieved it in 1998-99, Inter Milan (2009-10), Bayern Munich (2012-13, 2019-20), FC Barcelona (2008-09, 2014-15) are four teams.안전놀이터

Can Man City go to glory times with them? Silva replied, “The remaining two games in the PL are really competitive. I respect my opponents.”

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