Manager Choi Won-kwon, sorry for the fans who visited in the heavy rain, “It was a difficult game, he must have woken up”

 “I will find a solution through the player’s union.”

Daegu FC coach Choi Won-kwon, who saw that Gangwon FC was virtually overwhelmed by their earnestness, pledged to create a team that could win.

Daegu drew 0-0 against Gangwon in the 22nd round of Hana 1 Q K League 1 held at DGB Daegu Bank Park in Daegu on the 11th. Daegu, which reached 32 points, maintained 5th place. 6th place Jeju United (30 points) drew 0-0 with 7th place Gwangju FC (30 points), so the ranking did not go down.

Coach Choi said, “It’s a pity. I think Gangwon-do will regret it. I would have liked both teams to score a lot of goals. It’s more difficult to catch a game. All players desperately defend like Gangwon. The goal must have been scored, but Gangwon’s defense did well with concentration. Daegu seems to have to carry on with homework. We will prepare to win even if we meet a team with the same style as Gangwon.”

Regarding the fact that Edgar’s goal was invalidated by video review (VAR) at the end of the second half, “(the referee’s decision) must be acknowledged. In the same situation, there are cases where it is not a foul. Gangwon must have been dissatisfied with the decision. I will respect it. ” he passed.

Right now, the weekend game is against Gwangju. It is a competition between citizen clubs with different styles. He said, “We have to play a good game by making use of past memories.” You have to be desperate. You have to catch the game where you must catch the opponent. All of our players are nice. You have to drive hard first, but it’s not enough. To go to a strong team, you have to have that side. I think they woke up because they played a difficult game.” promised안전놀이터추천

Coach Choi, who said he was a little angry with the players unlike other games, said, “It’s best to play without raising the fighting spirit.” If you can’t win, you don’t qualify as a professional player. You have to grit your teeth and fight more. I want to investigate this part.

Right before the All-Star break, Gwangju and Daejeon are worth 6 points because they are matches against teams with similar rankings. Coach Choi said, “The styles we play are similar. We have to find a solution through the player combination. I’ve always talked about this since the beginning of this year, but we have to do well after suppressing what the opponent is good at. I will match the defensive combination. The two coaches will never let down football I will not do it. I will defend effectively and look for opportunities. The Brazilian players as well as our players will do well,” he said, emphasizing that he would put all his energy into finding a solution.

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