Mane, who hit you, was excluded from the league and fined

Bayern Munich teammate Leroy Sane’s Sadio Mane has been penalized for punching him in the face.

Munich announced on the 14th, “Mane will be removed from the list for the home game against Hoffenheim on the 15th. A fine will also be imposed.”

Discipline was the expected sequence.

It is because of the actions that came after the complete loss in the first leg of the European Champions League quarterfinal against Manchester City on the 12th.

Mane continued to argue with you in the locker room after the match, which ended with a punch to the face.

Even when the two players returned to Germany, they did not ride the team bus together and returned separately. On the morning of the 13th, we ran together in team training, but in the end we were disciplined.스포츠토토

In Germany, there is also a prospect that Mane will leave the team a year after coming to Munich due to this incident.

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