Miami, 2-option Hiro comeback in the 5th game at the brink of the ‘last game’

Hiro returns. 

Tyler Hiro of the Miami Heat will play in Game 5 of the 2023 NBA Finals against the Denver Nuggets at the Denver Ball Arena on the 13th (Korean time). 먹튀검증

Miami, which caused upsets one after another in the Eastern Conference playoff series, advanced to the finals for the second time in history as the No. 8 seed. However, in the finals, they were driven to the edge of the cliff with a record of 1-3 against Denver. 

Miami desperately needs another offensive option to help Jimmy Butler. Butler, who continued to perform brilliantly in the playoffs, averaged 21.8 points in the finals, and the pace has fallen compared to before.

Miami, which is in crisis, seeks a turnaround with the return of 2 Option Hiro. Hiro is a resource with excellent scoring ability, recording an average of over 20 points in the last two consecutive seasons. However, in the playoffs, he has been sidelined since Game 1 of the first round against Milwaukee due to a fractured finger.

The key is practical experience. It is difficult to be certain of Hiro’s condition, as it is not known for sure whether he will participate until just before the 5th game. Still, if Hiro puts up a level of play that can ease Butler’s offensive burden, he’ll be able to breathe a sigh of relief for Miami. 

Cleveland in 2016 is the only case of winning the NBA Finals after 1 win and 3 losses. Can Hiro, who has been playing for a long time, become a Miami hero?

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