On the 6th, Myung Hyun-man (38) talked about the match against ‘Road FC middleweight champion’ Hwang In-su (29, FREE) and ‘Road FC bad boy’ Kwon Ah-sol (36, FREE) on the personal YouTube channel of Road FC chairman Jeong Moon-hong. He opened his mouth in Gao hyung’s life.

Myung Hyeon-man was active in Road FC until 2017, bringing joy to Road FC fans. Recently, fighting with Hwang In-soo and Kwon Ah-sol has created a new trend in the martial arts scene.

Road FC is currently coordinating various factors to ensure the match between Hyeon-Man Myung and In-Soo Hwang. The match is being promoted, but since it has not been officially announced, many martial arts fans want the match to be confirmed. Myung Hyeon-man, who was at the center of the issue, had an in-depth conversation with Road FC Chairman Jung Moon-hong about recent issues and future plans.

Myung Hyeon-man said, “At first, 메이저놀이터 (Kwon) Asol was going to spar or compete, but Hwang In-soo came out next. Naturally, Hwang In-soo has a weight class, and he was very good at the game. (Hwang In-soo) wanted to play with me again. Because he was originally only going to spar, but somehow. It was a match (with Hwang In-soo),” he told Chairman Jung Moon-hong.

Through his personal YouTube, Myung Hyeon-man has been active. In the process, a situation unfolded where he sparred with a normal person. As Kwon A-sol criticized this, a goal was created between the two fighters, and it spread to a confrontation.

“Kwon Ah-sol is a veteran player again, and when an old player saw it, (I) was a junior, but I seem to have acted a bit erratically while doing YouTube. Well, it’s an old story, but even when criminals came out, I went to visit and turned on the broadcast, and when I saw those things, (Kwon) Asol said something about that.”

Also, Myung Hyun-man said, “A while ago, among the cast members of ‘I’m Solo’, there was Mr. Young-cheol. That was actually something I could have skipped over, but things got bigger. I once did sparring on the street in Ganghwa Island. He said a lot about it,” referring to Kwon A-sol’s provocation.

Kwon Ah-sol, who has a history of provoking many players with high-level trash talk, is making a name for himself as a road FC bad boy.

“I think (Kwon) Asol looked at Instagram. I saw it, but it just drives me too much. I woke up in the morning and I shouldn’t have been like that, but I turned on the camera and I just took a picture. ‘(Kwon) Asol, attack’ I just cursed, and it seems that there was a fight like that,” he said. “I want to talk a lot with (Kwon) Asol. And if you really spar, you spar once, and you’re a player. There is no pressure to spar with each other. Whether it’s talking, sparring, or mixing fists, I want to loosen up a bit.”

Regarding this, Chairman Jeong Moon-hong said, “Okay, let’s think about it. (Kwon) Asol does it and take some time. The match with (Hwang) In-soo has not been officially announced yet. The reason is that you and (Hwang) In-soo are in a battle of words. However, from the perspective of the event company, there are other things to coordinate, and there are various reasons why I am not making an official announcement.”

“If there is a possibility that the game will not be successful even if it is 1%, then it is not an official announcement. There are adjustment points left until the end. Those things are coordinated with the staff of the competition company, and if ‘the fans want it and the people themselves want it’, then it is promoted as a picture that tries to complete it well. There will be a day when it is officially announced, and after thinking about it together with (Kwon) Asol, I will do it,” said Chairman Chung Moon-hong, as the head of the event, expressing his thoughts.

Myung Hyeon-man, who is called ‘the strongest standing’, showed strong confidence against ‘Road FC middleweight champion’ Hwang In-soo. If two fighters with hot fighting styles face off, it will be an exciting match.

“Hwang In-soo is actually not interested. As for Hwang In-soo, I think I will just win, and if you hold the match, it will simply end in sparring. You can fight really cool, but anyway, I have a bigger relationship with (Kwon) Asol.”