NBA Daily Injury Report (June 8): Tyler Hiro out

As reported by many media outlets, Tyler Hiro (23, 196cm) will miss the 3rd match as well. Currently, it is predicted that it is likely to return to the 4th game, but the exact return schedule is expected to be concreted over time.안전놀이터

Hiro, who was originally expected to recover from a wrist injury and return to the final series, but according to Miami manager Eric Spoelstra, has not yet received the final approval of a doctor. Hiro will decide whether to return to the court through full-contact training once again on Thursday, local time.

In the second game, Miami exploded 17 3-pointers and showed tenacious concentration at the end of the game, winning a come-from-behind victory 111-108. On the other hand, Denver, which was ahead throughout the first, second, and third quarters, allowed a 12-0 scoring run in the fourth quarter, revealing problems in the defense of the game, and gave up the second game. Although the sample is small, Denver actually recorded a field goal allowance rate of 64% and a three-point shot allowance rate of 52% in the fourth quarter in the final series against Miami twice. Moreover, the loss on this day was also shocking in that it was Denver’s first home loss in the playoffs.

From Denver’s point of view, what is important for the victory in Game 3 is the support shooting of the remaining 2nd and 3rd option resources, such as ace Nikola Jokic (28, 211cm), Jamal Murray (26, 193cm), and Michael Porter Jr. (24, 208cm), but In light of previous examples, it is also important how much more concentration they play on defense.

As such, Game 3 for Denver has important meaning in many ways, and Denver, like the 1st and 2nd games, did not change the starting lineup as much as Jamal Murray – Kentavious Caldwell – Pope – Michael Porter Jr. – Aaron Gordon – Nicola Jokic. go out Against this, Miami also started Gabe Vincent, Max Strauss, Jimmy Butler, Kevin Love, and Bam Adebayo as they did in the second game. [Injury update as of June 8, 8:30 am KST]

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