Ndombele level explosion confirmed…’Tottenham’s 2nd transfer fee ever’ Richarlison, EPL’s worst signing

Richarlison was the worst signing in the Premier League (EPL) this season.

On the 24th (hereinafter referred to as Korean time),메이저사이트 the global soccer media’Goal.com’ announced the selection of the 2022-23 EPL worst recruits from 1st to 21st.

The glorious(?) 1st place was Richarlison. Richarlison joined Tottenham from Everton ahead of the season. His basic transfer fee alone reached 50 million euros (approximately 72.2 billion won), which put him in second place in Tottenham’s all-time transfer fee. As a striker with thick bones in the EPL, synergies with Harry Kane and Son Heung-min were expected, but the reality was the exact opposite.

In the league, 1 goal and 4 assists are all. He only scored 2 goals in 8 matches even in cup competitions. It’s a level that doesn’t pay for the transfer fee at all. Naturally, the criticism towards Richarlison was rained down. The transfer fee is too expensive to make an excuse like ‘I didn’t get many opportunities to play because of injuries’. Injury management is also a skill for players.

It is also difficult to explain the sluggishness only with the tactical problems of Antonio Conte and other acting coaches. Richarlison also scored 10 goals for Everton, who were in the EPL relegation zone last season. It would not be strange to receive the same evaluation as Tanguy Ndombele, who is currently considered the worst signing in Tottenham’s history.

In the end, he got the same evaluation as Ndombele. ‘Goal.com’ said, “Tottenham, which Conte was at the helm, was expected to become a contender for the championship with the addition of Yves Bisuma, Christian Romero and Richarlison. However, Richarlison is the second highest transfer fee in the club’s history, and “He’s just one goal in the 2018 season. He didn’t really settle in at Tottenham.”

Richarlison was also selected as the best eleven of the EPL’s worst recruits in the 2022-23 season by the British ‘Daily Mail’ announced on the 13th.

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