No Maguire! ‘Lisandro season out + Baran injury’ replacement ‘3 trump cards’

Local media have revealed three unexpected ways to deal with Manchester United’s key center back line injury.

Man United is in the worst crisis ever. First of all, advancing to the semifinals of the European Football Federation (UEFA) Europa League (UEL) has become uncertain. In the first leg of the UEL quarterfinal against Sevilla on the 14th (hereinafter Korean time), even after scoring two goals first, they had to be content with a draw with two unfortunate own goals. As the second match was an away game, victory could not be guaranteed.

The core center back was also wiped out. Everyone was upset in the match against Sevilla. Raphael Baran came out as a starter in this match and played an active part, blocking the team’s goal with his head in front of the goal line, but continued to complain of discomfort in his legs at the end of the first half. In the end, Baran was replaced at the start of the second half, and the absence for several weeks was officially confirmed.

Lisandro Martinez is out for the season. Martinez, who has energized Manchester United this season with his aggressive defense and aggressive build-up, sat down clutching his right ankle while changing direction in the 40th minute of the second half against Sevilla. After leaving the ground with support, he was unable to play for the rest of the season due to a fracture of the metatarsal bone as a result of the examination.

is virtually annihilated. The only centre-backs left are Victor Lindelof and Harry Maguire. It’s a combination that even coach Eric ten Haag can’t help but feel burdened with. Luke Shaw is also a resource for central defense in case of emergency, but it is unclear whether he will play in the next game as he has just returned from injury.

The local media also seemed to be deeply troubled. “There are three wild card defensive solutions to Manchester United’s injury crisis,” said the Manchester Evening News, a Manchester local newspaper. 3 people were selected.

The main characters were Aaron Wan-Bissaka, Scott McTominay, and Casemiro. Wan-Bissaka earned high marks for his excellent defensive skills. It is also a good thing that the team’s performance has improved this season under the guidance of coach Ten Hag. However, since limitations such as lack of passing ability are also clear, local media also put the Wan-Bissaka Card as a measure to use in an emergency.

McTominay and Casemiro are more down-to-earth. Both players are decent defensively, and their passing is better than Wan-Bissaka.먹튀검증 In many ways, Casemiro is much better for Manchester United than McTominay at centre-back, but it should be carefully considered as it can cause problems with midfield control.

This discussion means that there is a lack of trust in Lindelof and Maguire. The media also emphasized this point in this regard, saying, “Desperate times call for desperate measures, and Manchester United may have to consider a wild card.”

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