No more KIA nomination rights trade? Shim Jae-hak’s gaze is not Gwangju, but Hampyeong.

 One of the most frequently heard words after Shim Jae-hak, the new head of the KIA, was inaugurated is ‘trade’. There have been constant rumors that KIA, which lacks a catcher position, is aiming for catchers from other teams, and now that the leader has been appointed, it is expected that the work will be accelerated.

Shim spared his words, saying that the first priority is to grasp the current status and direction of the front desk and players. At the same time, he emphasized that he would trust the existing players first. It was read as meaning that he would give Han Seung-taek and Joo Hyo-sang time to prove it. He said that he would be bold if trade was absolutely necessary, but he said that he would not engage in a loss-making business, professing that there would be no unreasonable trade.

On the one hand, he said, he would listen to everyone’s opinions widely. He said that if things with trade or naming rights issues really became necessary, he would push forward in a way that the fans could understand. First of all, rather than being actively open to this part, it is read that I will proceed carefully and organize it in a line where there is not much bleeding.

KIA had already lost two top picks in the rookie draft at the time of the trade promoted by the former general manager. At the time of the Park Dong-won trade and Joo Hyo-sang trade, I gave the nomination right. A naming rights trade can be a promissory note for cash. The nomination right does not necessarily create a star, but if the cash is not good, it comes back as a bad news that can block the possibility itself.

There is a possibility that the naming rights trade will not be made or minimized in the future direction of Shim. Shim said, “I plan to leave the management of the game in the first team entirely to the coach. Instead, we will definitely have a conversation together. The important thing for me to do is the farm system,” emphasizing, “The first team is important, but the Futures League and I try to go to practice games often,” he said.

With the season in progress, the first team management is a big part of the field anyway. Instead, the general manager said he would pay more attention to nurturing players who can supply the first team while overhauling the second team system.

Shim said, “The KBO League has limited trade, and most players must be selected within 11 rounds of the draft. It is most important to develop players.” Even if the next general manager comes, I want to create a farm system that can be acknowledged and continued.” He said that a major league-style farm director system was also considered.안전놀이터

KIA is not in such a good condition for the current Future Steam team. It is true that KIA coach Kim Jong-guk’s first-team entry management is conservative, but there are not a lot of players waiting for a call-up from the second team to the first team. The limited 1st and 2nd group entry replacements are also related to the 2nd group players. The batters are not very big, and the mound is being pampered again after young players have been promoted to the first team.

Considering this, it is important to select the best possible resources in the rookie draft, and in that case, it is better to protect the nomination rights. This is especially true for the top nominations, which are likely to pick up good players. It is also interesting to see how KIA’s fostering strategy moves in the future.

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