Number 11 soon to disappear, Kane? Osimen? the answer is different

Manchester United striker Anthony’s shirt number change possibility has been raised.

England’s ‘Daily Express’ said on the 15th (Korean time), “Manchester United will take over the number 11 from Mason Greenwood, who will leave the club soon.”

Manchester United’s number 11 has been dormant for two years. As Greenwood was arrested by the police for sexually assaulting his girlfriend in January of last year, it has become a number that has so far only been the owner and has not been seen on the ground.

Greenwood is awaiting the day when prosecutors drop all charges after a year-long investigation and return to Manchester United. However, Manchester United plans not to give Greenwood a chance to play until an internal investigation is completed. Recently, predictions have emerged that Greenwood could become a ghost player next season as well.

With Greenwood’s long-term future still uncertain, Manchester United are looking to find a new number 11 owner. If Greenwood leaves, the likely candidate to take over at number 11 is Anthony. Anthony is a side striker who was recruited at the request of manager Eric ten Hag for 100 million euros (approximately 143.7 billion won). It is perfect for image 11.

It also means to reverse through a new uniform number. Contrary to his high expectations, Anthony has only scored 3 goals in 17 league appearances. The Daily Express saw that “Although Anthony has not lived up to his ransom,토토사이트 he will help escape the slump if he takes over at No. 11.”

If Anthony retains the number 21, there is a possibility of giving the number 11 to a new attacker. The media said, “Manchester United currently wants to sign a center forward. Harry Kane (Tottenham Hotspur) and Victor Osimen (Napoli) are candidates, and if they come, they may inherit the number 11.”

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