“Oh oh oh~Park Min-woo oh oh~Park Min-woo oh oh oh~ blow it away~” 10G 0.189? Cheer up and cheer up

“We also sing along to good cheering songs.”

NC infielder Park Min-woo (30) recently regained his lost cheering song. From 2014 to 2017, he used a cheering song made using the original song of singer Brave Brothers (Allshare Star DJ Spider), but could not use it because a copyright-related agreement was not reached after that.

However, the club and Park Min-woo’s agency obtained permission to use it after constant contact with Brave Brothers. Park Min-woo heard the old cheering song and hit from the 3rd match against Lotte in Changwon on the 21st and 23rd. Park Min-woo’s cheering song is famous for being highly addictive even among NC fans.

As Park Min-woo entered the plate, a song called “Ohhh~Park Min-woo ohh~Park Min-woo ohhh~ blow it away~” came out. After these lyrics came out, the fans loudly shouted “Hit”. This cheering song also played a part in Park Min-woo’s 6th place with a career batting average of 0.320. He himself likes this cheering song quite a bit.

Park Min-woo, ahead of the Changwon Lotte match on the 21st, said, “I am happy to be able to reuse the cheering song that fans have loved and sang since I was a rookie. I will play better.”

He heard more details ahead of the match against Changwon Lotte on the 22nd. Park Min-woo said, “People around me said it was good, and the hyungs said it was good too. He is a cheering song that even fans can sing along to. If the cheering songs of the players are good to hear, we follow them. I had a lot of memories with this cheering song at Masan Baseball Stadium.”

Park Min-woo had a batting average of 40% at the beginning of the season. As soon as he tries to start a revival after overcoming the ups and downs of the past 1-2 years, baseball is not easy even for a batter who is ranked 6th in career batting average. In the last 10 games, the batting average is 0.189, 3 RBIs, and 6 points. He was unable to prevent a sweep loss with 2 hits in 14 at-bats in 3 consecutive weekend matches against Lotte.

Park Min-woo said, “Recently, it’s time to drop. It’s been great since camp. He was also good at exhibition games. He started feeling better at the end of last year, but he had time to prepare again after the season, and since he started to feel uncomfortable, he is thinking a lot again. After all, the blow is mental. He has no thoughts when he fits well.”

Even if he perfects his mechanics for a year at spring camp, he is bound to be shaken by various events in long-term races. Still, in the case of Park Min-woo, if he remembers the mechanic with a good body, he is likely to raise the sense of hitting again soon. Averages can never be ignored.

Park Min-woo made four mistakes this season. He frankly confessed that this had a negative effect on his hitting. “Honestly, if I make a mistake while defending, it is memorable and bothers me at the plate. He says not to bother, even if he tries to brush it off, it’s not easy. I have to forget it though.”

It is a fight with oneself,안전놀이터 a fight with the mental. Park Min-woo goes on a reorganization with a new cheering song. He plans to actively steal bases this season as well. He has already done seven, including against Lotte on the 22nd and 23rd. He said, “20 is my basic goal, and if I can, I want to do about 30.”

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