Multi-year production support for the game industry is the details of the customized support project for each genre in ‘K-content, a game changer that changes the export landscape’, one of the six key initiatives.

To establish K-content as a game changer that changes Korea’s export landscape, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism △expands support for startups and ventures that stimulate young people’s spirit of challenge △K-Contents Fund 410 billion won, the largest policy financing support ever △Customized by genre It reported that it would promote strengthening competitiveness △expansion of exports in related industries with support.

In response, President Yoon said, “From now on, the content industry will be the most important field in strengthening our capabilities and developing export engines.”

In addition, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism has six other tasks that will be promoted this year with emphasis: △ 2023, the first year to become a tourism powerhouse △ Next-generation runners of K-culture;

President Yoon said, “In the process of developing 스포츠토토 K-content in culture, local content and local brands must be developed.” He also instructed, “The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism should pay attention to revitalizing local brands that will revitalize the local economy and lead balanced development.”

In response, Minister Park Bo-gyun, in order to achieve balanced regional development with the power of culture, △designated 7 cultural cities of Korea △nurturing K-tourism resort belts and K-tourism islands that people want to visit △new regional tourism demand such as work, live-in, and night tours He said he would promote creation. Minister Park added that President Yoon did not specifically mention the plan to utilize the Blue House.

Meanwhile, a total of 150 people attended the business report, including Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Education Lee Ju-ho, Culture Minister Park Bo-gyun, Prime Minister Han Deok-soo, and National Education Commissioner Lee Bae-yong. Among the attendees were school teachers, university officials, start-up producers and entertainment companies.