Park Ji-sung saw Son Heung-min… “Pride of Asia”

Park Ji-sung, the eternal captain of Korean football, looked back on the history Son Heung-min wrote through an interview with Tottenham. . He has a lot of love for his juniors.


Park Ji-seong, who played with Son Heung-min for a short time in the national team right before retiring from the national team, said that he was surprised and proud of his junior who had grown into a world-class player.  

[(From a young age) I acknowledged all of Son Heung-min’s performance, ability, and potential, but I didn’t expect him to be the Premier League’s ‘top scorer’, but Son Heung-min did it.] I personally saw the 70m storm run goal that gave Son Heung-min the Puskas Award

. He also recalled that he couldn’t believe his eyes, and

[I was also at the stadium when Son Heung-min scored against Burnley. It was really unbelievable, and it was a goal that made everyone happy.]

Son Heung-min, who scored his 100th Premier League goal, expressed it as the pride and hope of Asian football beyond Korea.  

[Asian fans especially love Heung-Min Son because he showed that Asian players can also succeed on the best stage in Europe.]

Heung-Min Son has been through injuries and sluggishness this season, but they have given firm trust that he can overcome enough. 

[Son Heung-min is a strong player both physically and mentally. That’s why Son Heung-min was able to become one of the best players ever.]

With the support of senior Park Ji-sung, Son Heung-min will start scoring again tomorrow morning against Manchester United. 

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