Peak of reverse export’ Kelly… Appearing in the WBC Finals?

A pitcher who showed competitiveness in the KBO League is expected to pitch in the finals of the World Baseball Classic (WBC). The main character is Meryl Kelly, who played for SK in the past.

In a press conference after winning the WBC semifinal against Cuba 14-2 on the 20th (Korean time) on the 20th (Korean time), USA Baseball coach Mark DeRosa said, “I think Kelly should step in.”

The U.S. national team had a starting rotation of four pitchers including veteran Adam Wainwright, Miles Mycolors (above St. Louis), Lance Lynn (Chicago White Sox), and Kelly (Arizona).

Among them, Lynn started in the quarterfinals against Venezuela, and Wainwright and Mycolors appeared in the semifinals against Cuba, making it difficult to pitch in the finals. And the thrilling final selection mound naturally became Kelly’s order.

Kelly, who had no major league career after his professional debut, stepped onto the KBO League stage in 2015.

Kelly, who wore the SK uniform for four years, had an excellent KBO career record of 48 wins and 32 losses with an ERA of 3.86, and was immediately caught by major league scouts. Kelly didn’t have a lot of luck during his KBO league days, but he was very good at digesting innings, and he signed a contract with Arizona after receiving passing marks in both pitches and pitches.

In the meantime, there were several players such as Lindblom and Thames in addition to Kelly in the case of ‘reverse export’ that moved to the major leagues after playing in the KBO League. Among them, Kelly is the most outstanding player in the big leagues.

Kelly, who recorded a 4.42 ERA in 183.1 innings with 13 wins in 2019, recorded a career high by winning another 13 wins last season and signed an extension with Arizona.

Kelly, who joined the U.S. national team at the WBC,바카라사이트 started against Colombia in the first round of the finals and took a break after allowing 2 runs on 4 hits in 3 innings. And he’s gearing up to soar through the final stage once more.

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