‘Please be safe’ Lee Kang-in’s former colleague who fell from the horse was transported to the hospital by helicopter

Paris Saint-Germain’s goalkeeper Sergio Rico (29) is said to be in a serious situation after a fall accident on a horseback riding course.

According to Spain’s Andalusian press ‘El Mira’ on the 28th (Korean time), Rico was rushed to the hospital with traumatic brain injury. Rico reportedly fell off his horse and suffered major head injuries.

The media said, “Rico is in serious condition. He suffered skull trauma and was intubated.” He seems to be in an urgent situation, mainly for tracheal intubation if he does not regain consciousness.

Spanish goalkeeper Rico signed a contract with Paris Saint-Germain in 2020 after playing for Sevilla and Fulham. Mainly playing as a backup, he is well known to domestic fans as he played on loan in Mallorca, where Lee Kang-in belonged, in the second half of last season.

Rico was granted a leave of absence this weekend after Paris Saint-Germain beat Strasbourg to secure the French Ligue 1 title. He is believed to have had time to recharge by making a pilgrimage on horseback in Seville.스포츠토토

While it is generally known as a fall accident, ‘EFE’ reported that “he was traumatized by being hit on the neck by a runaway horse,” and ‘RELEVO’ reported that “the horse he was riding collided with the runaway horse, leading to a fall accident.” Attention is also drawn to

Rico’s former team, Sevilla, said through the club’s channel that they “wish for a quick recovery,” and the Spanish Primera Liga also supported Rico through their official social network service (SNS).

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