Pyeongtaek Kim Hoon Basketball Class, challenge the 3×3 competition on the 15th…”I hope the children enjoy the competition itself”

Pyeongtaek Kim Hoon Basketball Class junior high school students challenge the 3×3 stage. 

Assist For You (Assist For Youth) project, which is underway for the development of youth basketball in Korea from 2022. The Pyeongtaek Kim Hoon Basketball Class, which is working on this project, has voted to participate in the KBA 3×3 Korea Tour 2023 Seoul Tournament to be held in Seoul on the 15th and 16th. 

Pyeongtaek Kim Hoon Basketball Class participated in the U15 division of the 2022 KXO 3×3 Hoengseong Tour held in Hoengseong-gun, Gangwon-do last year and reached the final tournament in second place in the group, showing a competitive appearance on the 3×3 court. Pyeongtaek Kim Hoon Basketball Class, which has strengthened its skills through participation in Jeju Island competitions and various training throughout the winter, will once again challenge the 3×3 stage on the 15th. 

Starting on the 15th, the KBA 3×3 Korea Tour 2023 Seoul Tournament, Pyeongtaek Kim Hoon Basketball Class, which challenges the middle school, will compete in this tournament with four players: Choi Tae-jong, Kim Jae-min, Daniel McMillan, and Eliza Lewis Kidd. 

The combination of Choi Tae-jong and Kim Jae-min, who are currently in their second year of middle school, and Daniel McMillan and Eliza Louise Kid, who are in their third year of middle school, are bound to stand out. The combination of two domestic players and two foreign players is rare. 

Pyeongtaek Kim Hoon Basketball Class Director Yu Hyeong-Hoon Yoo said, “Daniel and Elijah are the children of the US military who are working at the Humphreys US military base in Pyeongtaek. There are about 6-7 US military children who learned basketball in the US military base and recently came to our basketball class and started learning basketball. Among them, Daniel and Elijah decided to challenge themselves in the 3×3 event this time.” 

He continued, “I wanted to let our students experience the Korean basketball tournament. And I wanted to let them know what the atmosphere of Korean basketball is like. Then, this time, it was a good opportunity to participate in the Korea Tour, and the children are preparing very hard.” He said he was working hard on his preparations. 

The Pyeongtaek Kim Hoon Basketball Class, which is organized in Group C of the middle school division of this tournament, will play the group stage against Suwon KT Team B and BEAT Black. At least one win is required to qualify for a ticket to the finals tournament, which is awarded to the second-place finisher in the group. 

Director Yoo Hyeong-Hoon Yoo said, “The children are training using class time. The friends participating this time are diligent in training and have excellent personal skills, so I expect them to do well. However, the school year is different and the basketball style is slightly different. I think it’s important to match the organizational power of the remaining time of the year.” 

He said, “The children are full of confidence. Since the competition is held in an open space, there are many spectators, so I thought that the children might be nervous, but they say it’s okay because they have a lot of experience in the competition. (Laughs) The children are not nervous and enjoy the competition to the fullest. I want you to play the game with the sincerity of a student.” 

President Yu, who puts priority on the experience of the tournament rather than grades, said, “It’s good to win and win, but I think it’s more important to do your best in every game and every situation. And Daniel and Eliza don’t often have opportunities, so the atmosphere of the Korean basketball tournament I hope you enjoy it. As much as I am participating in the tournament under the name of Pyeongtaek Kim Hoon Basketball Class, I hope the players will do their best and come back with satisfactory results.” 

Assist For Youth is a project that assists to spread youth basketball by joining forces with youth basketball classes across the country from 2022.바카라사이트Inquiries about joining the Up For You Project can be made through the official Instagram account

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