‘Screen Empress’ solidifies…Hong Hyun-ji won from the first GTOUR competition

Hong Hyun-ji (21), who won the grand prize and prize money for two consecutive years, won the championship from the first GTOUR competition in the 2023 season.

In the first round of the 2023 Lotte Rental Lotte Rental Car GTOUR Women’s Tournament held at Golfzon Joy Maru Stadium in Daejeon on the 29th, 토토사이트 Hong Hyun-ji won the championship cup by beating Kwon Da-won by 4 strokes with a final total of 18 under par (1st round 11 under par, 2nd round 7 under par). embraced

Hong Hyun-ji showed off her ‘screen golf empress’ right from her first tournament. She showed a near-perfect performance, catching 11 birdies without bogey in the first round of the competition. Hong Hyun-ji is a player who won both the grand prize and the prize money king for her second consecutive year in her last 2021 and 2022 seasons.

After winning the championship, Hyeonji Hong said, “Above all, I would like to thank the Golf Zone, sponsors and officials who held the screen golf tournament, as well as my family and fans who supported me.” I was able to have good results, and I plan to focus on GTOUR, which gave me confidence as a golfer, from the beginning, so please look forward to it and support me.”

Kwon Da-won, who played a tight match with Hong Hyeon-ji until the last hole, rose to second place at 14 under par. She imprinted her presence by winning runner-up in her first competition. Shim Ji-yeon, who was a strong candidate for the championship, also finished the game in 3rd place at 13 under par with her calm play. The doctoral department finished 4th with an 11-under par, and rookie Su-bin Su finished 6th with an 8-under par.

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