‘Shaking Iron Legion’… Pohang, after opening 9 matches undefeated, has already lost 2 in a row

Pohang Steelers fell into a two-game losing streak right after the opening 9-game undefeated streak ended.

Pohang lost 1-2 to Jeju United in the 11th round of the Hana 1 Q K League 1 2023 held at the Jeju World Cup Stadium in Seogwipo, Jeju on the afternoon of the 6th. They took the lead with the first goal in the first half, but it was a come-from-behind loss as they conceded two goals within 10 minutes of the start of the second half.

Pohang, who recorded 5 wins, 4 draws and 2 losses, and 19 points, remained in 3rd place. If 4th place Daejeon Hana Citizen (17 points, 18 goals), playing at 7 pm on the same day, beats 6th place Gwangju FC (13 points), the rankings will be reversed.

Jeju, which escaped from sluggishness at the beginning of the season and won 3 consecutive wins, jumped to 5th place (5 wins, 2 draws, 4 losses, 17 points, 13 goals). In the last 6 matches, the good atmosphere continued with 5 wins and 1 loss.

Pohang scored the first goal in the 23rd minute. The ball kicked by Jeju goalkeeper Kim Dong-jun did not go far, and Pohang Baek Seong-dong shook the net with a right-footed mid-range shot from the penalty arc.

However, at the start of the second half, momentum was dampened by an absurd own goal. The ball kicked by Grant hit central defender Ha Chang-rae and went into the goal. In the 10th minute of the second half, Kim Bong-soo even scored the winning goal.먹튀검증

In the 23rd minute of the second half, Pohang’s right-footed kick shot hit the post. Then, Ko Young-jun’s shot was also blocked by the goalkeeper’s save. In the end, Pohang could not turn the game around and ended the game with a come-from-behind defeat. 

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