SK’s opponent appeared… KCC recruits Choi Joon-yong, the FA’s biggest player

The unprecedented move is not over. Even Choi Joon-yong, former MVP, moved the team.

On the 21st, Jeonju KCC recruited Choi Jun-yong for a contract period of 5 years and a total fee of 600 million won (annual salary of 420 million won/incentive of 180 million won). saw,” he said.

KCC plans to hold a press conference on the joining of Choi Jun-yong at the KBL Center at 2:00 pm on the 22nd.

Choi Jun-yong was one of the biggest players in the FA market this summer. He was the MVP two seasons ago and a key member of the Seoul SK Unified Championship in the 2021-22 season. Choi Jun-yong is a 2m tall forward and has the passing sense that rivals that of a point guard. He’s a resource that can be a huge addition to any team he’s on.

When SK recruited Oh Se-geun, there was a lot of talk that Choi Jun-yong would leave. In the end, Choi Jun-yong chose KCC.

KCC has Heo Woong, Lee Seung-hyun, and La Gun-ah. Heo Woong and I played together at Yonsei University, and with La Gun-ah, we ate together in the national team and built a friendship. It seems that the presence of the two players was the main reason for Choi Jun-yong to go to KCC.

Due to big and small injuries to key players, KCC only advanced to the playoffs in the round of 6 last season, but looking at their power alone, they have the right to win. Even Choi Jun-yong joins this.

A strong opponent appeared against Seoul SK,토토사이트 who said they were closest to winning next season by reinforcing Kim Seon-hyeong and Jamil Warni and Oh Se-geun.

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